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Green WeddingAirbrush Makeup for Brides published June 7, 2010

Airbrush makeup systems apply to anyone who uses makeup and it is the perfect solution for wedding makeup and tanning. Both the bride or bridal party and groom can use an airbursh makeup system to create a flawless look, which can also include perfectly applied tanning makeup that lasts longer than a week. An airbrush makeup system uses compressed air to "blow" makeup onto the skin or hair. This allows a pixellated application of the makeup and it's these little dots of color that render very natural looking skin. Airbrush systems are perfect for taking out the "bad" and leaving the "good".

Dina Ousley of DinAir is the originator of a revolutionary airbrush makeup system that has taken the makeup industry by storm. Dina is an award winning makep artist and has been in the makeup business for many years. She started in the hairdressing business and noticed makeup falling by the wayside as technologies in other areas progressed. Traditional methods of applying makeup are less efficient, very time consuming and very often spoil the natural skin color and texture of the model which is especially evident in this age of Hi Definition and BluRay film. She identified a real need in the beauty industry - a safe product, created with the best ingredients, easy and quick to apply and long lasting - DinAir was born.

The DinAir airbrush pressure or psi is low and it doesn't wipe out natural colors. Their Mini Compressor for a home user has 7 pressure settings to help achieve the flawless look while maintaining natural skin color and texture. It takes 2 -3 drops of makeup that you drop into the cup of the brush - this avoids use of too much of your makeup. It takes 5-10 drops to do your foundation, 2-3 drops for blush, a couple of drops for brows, eyeliner and shadow. DinAir systems come with comprehensive makeup kits to do everything from hair to eyebrows and skin. The kit has eyebrow stencils, including three dimensional eyebrow effects with eyebrow hairs, eyebrow shadow shields to make hard lines and cat eyes and other trendy looks. It's fine art meets makeup technology - and brides love it.

Brides can use these makeup kits to hide tan marks, particularly bikini top tan marks that would show when wearing a strapless wedding dress. Brides can simply spray over strap marks on the wedding day. Traditional tanning can be applied unevenly and drip marks are almost impossible to remove once they sink into the skin. This is particularly problematic on the feet. The spray on tan is Suitable for all types of skin and can be tailored for your skin type - oily or dry. Importantly, the tanning makeup won't rub off onto the white wedding dress. If the wedding theme is more dramatic and the bride more adventurous, she can easily create a stunning themed look using the many colors and stencils offered in the makeup kit. Custom colors also increase your options and it is very easy to mix your own colors to get the perfect color for your skin tone. The makeup and sprayer covers blemishes, tattoos and skin imperfections. Dark spots on the skin are easily covered using a lighter color spray with natural color next to it to create a flawless look.

The product's natural active DHA ingredients help the makeup go on easily. The makeup only goes onto the epidermis and not into the dermis so it is non-toxic and anti-ageing and suitable for diabetics. It is formulated in such a way as not to clog the pores and it doesn't seep into the skin. The makeup has over the years been perfected to include 28 ingredients and it is now one of the best makeup systems on the market. Best of all, it lasts for up to 18 hours, so stays on all day and through the evening. The makeup works with both natural light and studio light so is perfect for a bride transitioning between outside photos and inside photos. Another major benefit is that the makeup doesn't collect back into the folds and squint lines like traditional greesy makeup and yet it is more durable and doesn't smudge off. The system accommodates application of makeup to the hair and brides can use it to streak or create patterns in their hair or make their hair look thicker.

These kits make great wedding gifts and are popular gifts from mothers or mothers-in-law to be, to the bride.They come with a DVD and manual to train the user and a free lesson with a DinAir consultant. Dina claims her customer services go to great lengths to take care of their customers. Live chats, late shifts and emails are used to help customers choose the colors that suit them best and if it's not right, they do it over again. Dina also gives classes herself on how to use the product. Customers can do lessons over the phone and apparently young people really get it fast and tend never to go back to the traditional makeup applicators.

The DinAir system is lightweight and affordable - the Mini AirBrush weighs 14 ounces and comes with a battery pack. A cigarette lighter plug can be used to power the AirBrush so makeup can really be done anywhere. The batteries tend to last for about 4 hours and each makeup job takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. DinAir products can be bought online at airbrushmakeup.com. Spas and salons also carry the product and the company ships it out every day all over the country. The Professional AirBrush weighs about a pound and can run 6 airbrushes.

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