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Celebrity Weddings - Natasha Bedingfield and Matthew Robinson Natasha Bedingfield & Matthew Robinson

British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield announced on Sunday, September 7, 2008, that she said “yes” and is now engaged to her long-time boyfriend of 2 years, California businessman Matthew Robinson.

Bedingfield, well known for her hit songs Unwritten and her more recent hit, Pocketful of Sunshine, announced to an unsuspecting crowd that she and Robinson are officially getting hitched. The announcement wasn’t the only surprise that night. Not only did she shock the audience with the proposal, she was in the middle of doing a surprise performance in a New York City nightclub!

The next day, Bedingfield attended the Calvin Klein 40th anniversary party where she sported her beautiful new ring and gushed about the proposal. “It just happened,” the 26-year old pop star said. “But I am so excited, and it happened in New York. And I want to share it with the world.”

Even though she seemed as if her head was up in the clouds, she was still grounded enough to know not to give up too much information to the media. When asked about a date, no one is sure whether she really did not make a decision or simply would not tell. She simply responded, “We haven’t thought about a date. We’re just celebrating.” Then she spewed out the comment that every girl wants to be able to say at one point in her life, “I’m the luckiest girl in the world!”

Earlier in the year, Bedingfield professed to the world that she was beyond in love with her boyfriend. She said she knew Robinsons was the man for her. How did she know? Because she had finally found someone she could be herself around and let her hair down. “What should I say about him? I’m in love.” When asked about Robinson’s profession, Bedingfield responded, “He’s a businessman, and it really is a good balance for my career because he’s always a solid rock that I just feel very comfortable with, and I feel very loved.”

Although her fans are very happy for the pop singer, one can not help but wonder what happened to the girl that was all about living-up the single life. Not too long ago, Bedingfield wrote a song titled Single, which drilled the message to girls that it is okay to be single and that mingling, dating and being confident is something to be proud of. Well, no worries, even though it looks like her tune may have changed to wedding bells now, she still sticks to her belief that there’s nothing wrong with being single and it should be enjoyed and celebrated, not looked down upon like some kind of virus. “I was single for a long, long time and I kind of went down kicking and screaming because I liked my single-ness, but he was someone definitely worth giving up being single for."

Well, congratulations Natasha and Matt and good luck with your life together! We’ll be sure to keep up with the details as they are revealed.

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