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Celebrity Weddings - The Wedding of Chris Evert and Greg Norman Chris Evert & Greg Norman

Most couples only have a wedding DAY. Not so former tennis champion, Chris Evert, and retired golf legend, Greg Norman. This couple had a wedding WEEKEND!

Beginning on Friday, June 27th, family and friends were treated to, appropriately enough, a golf and tennis tournament at The One and Only Ocean Club Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This was followed by a rehearsal wedding dinner, where everyone enjoyed wine from the Greg Norman Estates.

The festivities were a culmination of 6 months of wedding planning by Chris and Greg, both 53. They became engaged on December 9, 2007 while on a trip to South Africa. Apparently, they began planning the wedding almost immediately.

On Saturday, June 28th, the sports loving couple, exchanged wedding vows during a sunset ceremony before 140 guests. The bride wore a cream colored strapless wedding gown by Caroline Herrera, and Greg was handsomely dressed in an Ermenegildo Zegna suit. To create the romantic setting they both wanted, wedding planner Mary Fanizzi Krystoff had the outdoor ceremony and reception areas covered with cream and blush flowers.

Chris’s sons Alex, 16, and Nicky, 14 both walked her down the aisle, while her youngest son, Colton, 12, was the ring bearer. Greg’s son, 21 year old Gregory Jr., served as his father’s best man, and daughter Morgan, 23, was a guest. While exchanging their wedding vows, a light rain began to fall. This, however, did not put a damper on the moment. Greg is quoted as saying that it was a “kind of holy water coming down from the heavens.” He felt it was a blessing for the marriage.

Chris said she was ready to make the trip down the aisle to exchange vows after 6 months of careful planning. “I don’t think I was that nervous but just waiting to go down the aisle I felt some jitters. But we had been planning this for a good six months. When you get older you finally figure out what you want in life, and I felt it was right,” said the new bride.

Sparing no expense, it is estimated that the entire affair ran up into the low millions. Celebrities among the 140 wedding guests included singer Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., film star Chevy Chase, former tennis champion Martina Navratilova, TV anchor Matt Lauer, golfer Steve Elkington, singer Corey Hart, and Australian tennis player Wendy Turnbull.

This is the 3rd marriage for Chris, who was formerly married to John Lloyd and Andy Mills. It is the 2nd marriage for Greg, who went through a very nasty divorce with his ex-wife, Laura Andrassy. Ms. Andrassy is said to be very bitter over the divorce as well as his marriage to Chris. She refused to send them good wishes, opting instead to say “they deserve each other.” In fact, she is so bitter, that she recently petitioned a Florida court to gain access to information regarding how much money was taken in for the use of the wedding photos. It seems she feels she is entitled to some of that money as well, but as she is now officially the Ex-wife, it’s unclear as to why or if, she would be legally entitled to anything.

However, it seems that nothing could ruin this special day for Chris and Greg. When you wait this long to find your soulmate, it HAS to work.

by WedMeDo

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