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Green Wedding Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

It’s official, co-star of the Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson is engaged…but not to ex-boyfriend, Hugh Hefner. The sporty one of the ex-Playboy girlfriends is engaged, not-so-shockingly, to football star Hank Baskett of the Philadelphia Eagles.

For those of you that may think that Kendra has moved on pretty quickly…you’re right. The ex-Girls Next Door stars all left Hefner just a few months ago.

When asked about his relationships with Holly, Bridget and Kendra Hef said that they are “in transition. I think that in the future, the girls are going to, in time, be dating others and moving out of the mansion, and when that happens we will not be keeping it a secret.” Well, he was certainly right on target.

Since September, it has been said that Wilkinson and Baskett were engaged, but Kendra’s MySpace page put those rumors to rest, “hiiiiii just wanna let yall know that I am not engaged! If I was id be very happy though n I wouldn’t hide it..hahahahaha!!!! rumors are soooooo f**kin funny. Yaa trick yaaaaa lololol!! Love is a beautiful thing n I think the world needs more of it lol..” 

But the rumors have now been confirmed and details revealed. Baskett proposed to Wilkinson at the top of The Space Needle this past weekend in the presence of both of their families. According to sources, Kendra was extremely surprised when Baskett got down on his knee and popped the question, but accepted with a huge smile!

Wedding plans are in the works, but it seems like Kendra isn’t the main planner. Hefner has decided to have the wedding at the Playboy mansion and rumor has it, he’s the one deciding all the details, including the guest list. “It’s an unspoken agreement between Hef and Kendra,” a close friend to Wilkinson revealed about the upcoming wedding plans, “Hef’s running this, not Kendra.”

The 83-year old Playboy founder may be a lot of things, but he’s certainly not sour about the engagement. Hefner says, “[She] has met someone who she would like to spend the rest of her life with…I have given her my blessing.” The ceremony, according to Hefner, will be sometime this June. He states that he will be the one to walk Wilkinson down the aisle in place of her father.

Wilkinson isn’t the only Girl Next Door that’s moved on from the mansion. Main ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison has been spotted with the gothic magician, Criss Angel. It looks like Bridget is the only one of the sexy trio who hasn’t found a new man, but by the way things are going with the other two…it shouldn’t take too long.

Hef already has some prospective girlfriends in the works. He’s been interviewing for the “positions” and seems to be set on the blond, bombshell, oh-so-tan twins, Kristina and Karissa Shannon. The wedding is also said to be broadcasted on a future episode of the Girls Next Door and Wilkinson and Baskett are likely to return for future episodes.

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