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Green Wedding Olivia Newton-John & John Easterling

What could be more romantic than an Incan spiritual wedding ceremony performed on a mountain top in Cusco, Peru? That is exactly what singer/actress Olivia Newton-John and new husband, John Easterling chose to do. This first wedding ceremony was just for the two of them, and it took place on June 21, 2008. A little over a week later, on June 30th, the couple had another wedding ceremony which took place on the beach of Jupiter Island, Florida. This ceremony was officiated by a friend of Olivia’s.

For the first wedding ceremony, Olivia wore a simple white dress, adding a traditional matrimonial shawl and a pair of suede boots due to the chilly weather. Her wedding ring is a 5.1 carat with a natural intersecting twin diamond in a platinum set. The rings were designed by Olivia and John.

This was the second marriage for both of them. Olivia was previously married to Matt Lattanzi until 1995, when they divorced over an affair he allegedly had. They have one daughter, Chloe, who is now 22 years old. Following the divorce, Olivia was involved with Patrick McDermott for 9 years until he vanished in 2005 after leaving to go on a charter fishing boat trip just off the coast of California. John is the CEO of Amazon Herb, which is a company that sells botanical supplements from the rain forest.

Olivia, 59, and John, 56 held a barbeque on July 4th at the singer’s home in Malibu, California to make the big announcement to their friends. The couple was introduced by a friend over 15 years ago, but did not become romantically involved until last year.

Olivia is known for starring in the movies “Grease” and “Xanadu,” in addition to her singing career, which came before acting. She was very popular during the 70’s and 80’s, producing a long list of hit songs during that time. She is the proud recipient of 4 Grammy’s.

A breast cancer survivor, Olivia became very interested in the environment of our world. She and John both share this passion and walked together in the 21 day Great Walk to Beijing 2008 in April of this year.

When asked why the wedding was kept a big secret, Olivia explained,” It was the one thing I could keep private.That’s how we wanted it because my life is so public.” However, she did tell daughter Chloe before the event.

The mountain top Peruvian wedding was something that was very special to both of them. She adds,” It was just a special sacred site that we went to. We walked there, it was a beautiful day and it was just something we wanted to do.”

Even though this wedding ceremony was possibly the more meaningful one personally to the couple, they knew that this would not be recognized as a legal union. That is the reason they had a second ceremony upon their return to the United States. They had the best of both worlds by having the special, spiritual ceremony that was just for the two of them, and then the legal one to satisfy legalities.

With all of the things Olivia and John have in common, it seems they are destined for a long and happy life together.

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