Wedding Websites with a Hong Kong Theme


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Hong Kong Wedding Websites


Hong Kong, a vibrant city of lights and tradition, celebrates hundreds of weddings every year. This bustling and scenic port of the world holds enchanting weddings full of romance, laughter and tears of joy.


Many of our clients celebrate their weddings in Hong Kong and there is no better way to share your family history, your love for one another and your wedding details than to use a wedding website.


A Library of Hong Kong Wedding Images


Our library of Hong Kong images includes images of the city and traditional wedding scenes and images. Images are available in our Design Studio. Select any image to use as a wedding page background or as an animated image in your wedding website.

Why Hong Kong Wedding Websites?


So why do we have a focus page for Hong Kong? Chinese weddings are very special with mother and father having a place of honour and respect at the banquet. The hospitality offered to guests is unequalled and the occasion is a joyful celebration where bride and groom openly show their emotions and love for one another.


A video showing childhood photos of the bride and groom and their time together before their marriage, is often shown at Hong Kong weddings, Increasingly, Hong Kong couples are choosing to have a wedding website. A wedding website is particularly helpful if the bride and groom have family overseas.


We love to be a part of this fantastic celebration and we have put together a collection of images that can be used to make your hong kong wedding website all the more special.

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