Unlimited Wedding Website Customizations

Unlimited access to you wedding website 24-7. Edit your wedding website whenever you like. We are here to support you as you all the way through the design process.

Upload Your Own Wedding Site Music

You can upload up to 3 music tracks which play as your wedding website vistors browse your site. The tracks play one after the other and users have the option to turn the music off.

Select Your Wedding Website Pages

Wedding website pages can be added or removed from your site at the push of a button. Wedding website pages can be renamed and re-ordered in our Design Studio.

This allows great flexibility in designing your site. You can show pages as you finish designing them and remove them when they are no longer needed. For example you can trim down your wedding website after your wedding and turn it into a post-wedding website.

Select or Upload Your Wedding Website Page Backgrounds

We offer various background themes for your wedding pages - you can apply a theme across your entire site and then change the background of individual pages.

Select a background from our library of backgrounds or upload your own. You can also select a plain background color using our color picker.

Upload Your Photos

Upload photos to individual wedding website pages or to one of the 5 photo galleries. Up to 200 photos can be uploaded to the photo galleries. You can add a wedding blog to your wedding website if you have a need for additional photos.

Add Your Wedding Details

Post your welcome message, introduce your wedding party, communicate your gift registries, add your accommodation, directions, pre-wedding events, wedding details and more.

Use your wedding website to supplement the information in your wedding invitation. You can also make those last minute changes to the details on your wedding website - not possible with a wedding invitation.

Format Fonts and Change Colors

Select fonts for the text on your wedding website. Text size can be changed, text can be made bold or italic and any text color can be selected. The color of page titles can also be changed.

Select Your Wedding Website Animations

Select from various animations on the intro page which display when the wedding website loads. Choose a menu animation. Different wedding website templates have different animations.

Add and Change Links

Add your gift registry or event registry links. Most large stores now offer online gift registries for brides and grooms.

A popular trend is to set up an event registry. Event registries cater for brides and grooms who would prefer their wedding guests to contribute towards a specific recreational event or to the cost of their honeymoon.

Add Up to 5 Photo Galleries

Each photo gallery can be named so you can create your own custom photo albums to display on your wedding website. Photos can be uploaded with captions.

Change Your Page Layout

The layout of some of our pages can be easily changed. Go for text on the left and photo on the right; or text on the right and photo on the left; or no photo; or no text; etc

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