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Destination WeddingDestination Wedding

published February 22nd, 2014

At least a third of all marriage proposals take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day - otherwise known as "Engagement Season". So now is the time that newly engaged couples are piecing together the information for their wedding website, hiring venues, subscribing to a plethora of wedding magazines and posting multiple Facebook status updates about how excited they are about their upcoming nuptials.

One in four weddings is now a destination wedding, which gives the couples (and their guests) a wedding / vacation double bill. The joy of a marriage celebration mixed with the fun and frivolity of a getaway in warmer climes.

Here we present some top tips for anyone considering a destination wedding.

Plan ahead

For your destination wedding to have a favourable outcome you should ideally plan 12 months ahead. This will give guests ample time to book their holidays from work and get good deals on travel arrangements. The summer months may be the most popular, but they’re also the most expensive… so you may wish to take this into consideration. Also consider a Friday or weekday wedding in the spring or fall - these dates will be less crowded and easier to book the venue of your choice.

Try and cater for all your guests

It’s always a good idea to consider a location with something for everyone. For example Myrtle Beach, S.C offers pristine greens, museums, historic plantations, water parks and numerous spas. There’s also plenty of lodging options for your guests. It’s not always possible to please everyone, but if your family is predominantly ginger and pale skinned then taking them all to a tropical island with nothing to do but bask in the sun… then you’re going to have a lot of unhappy campers hiding under palm trees.

Do your homework

Research ceremony locations as much as possible rather than opting for the first one that appears in your search engine results. Ideally you want somewhere beautiful and unique that caters for a large cross section of your guests.

Hire a wedding planner

Rather than trying to juggle everything yourself and imploding from stress, take the hassle out of everything by hiring a wedding planner. Someone who knows their onions. Wedding planners know the ins and outs of destination weddings and will be prepared for all eventualities.

Get wedding insurance

We insure our cars, houses, pets, and even our lives - but not everyone insures their wedding. This is highly recommend, especially if you’re planning an elaborate destination wedding.

Stay within your budget

Be mindful of taking advantage of all that credit you have available on your credit card. Decide what you can afford and then stick to it. Many couples find destination weddings to be just as affordable as traditional weddings back home.

Chill and enjoy!

The important thing is that you enjoy the entire process. From inception to the big day itself. Take lots of photos, record a video diary… it’ll all be over before you know it, but you’ll cherish the memories for the rest of your life.