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published October 7th, 2014

It’s that time of year when you find yourself rummaging around in the wardrobe for your favourite sweater that you discarded several months previously. You realise the fan is no longer a welcome addition to the lounge, but is suddenly an annoying object that you keep tripping over, so it’s relocated to the attic. Finally, you notice that the dog wants to spend more time in the backyard, so you have to constantly pause your favourite TV show to let him in and out.

Of course it’s not that the dog is venturing into the backyard more, it’s just that now the back door is kept closed (due to the cooler weather) he can’t come and go of his own accord and you’re noticing his “calls of nature” a lot more.

Yes, the Summer season has drawn to a close and Fall is upon us. Before you know it you’ll be sitting down for Thanksgiving and discussing how you’ll be spending the Christmas holidays. Don’t worry, as soon as winter hits you’ll be thinking about Summer again.

The conclusion of Summer tends to herald the demise of ice cream, sunscreen and multiple weddings. It will come as no great surprise to you that Summer is the most popular season to get married. That obviously doesn’t mean it’s the best season to get married.

While June and August are the most popular months for tying the knot in the US, Fall weddings are growing increasingly popular, with just over 9% of all weddings taking place in September and October.

Many couples favour getting married just outside of the Summer season. It’s cooler, easier to find a venue, and your guests won’t have to rearrange their vacation in order to attend. In fact if you sat down and worked out the pros and cons of a Fall Wedding you’d probably be surprised by the myriad of reasons that make it a good idea.

Beautiful natural foliage can also make some stunning wedding photos and inspire the look and theme of the wedding. If you want a “natural” theme to your wedding with rustic florals and lots of brown, orange and red thrown in then Fall is the perfect accompaniment to your special day.

Just bear in mind that although your guests may be comfortable at your morning or afternoon wedding ceremony, the temperature will invariably plummet as you enter into the evening proceedings. So you may wish to remind them to bring jackets, or better still have some ideas on how you might keep them warm. One idea is to arrange containers of inexpensive wraps at the reception entrance. Blankets, fleeces or even scarves would be a welcome addition to your box of autumnal delights. Especially if it’s a particularly cold evening and your venue either don’t have adequate heating or haven’t had a chance to test the heating since the winter months.

You may also wish to set up heat lamps in outdoor areas where guests will want to relax, or alternatively, set up some fire pits. That way you could have a sing-song around the fire and roast marshmallows.

One obstacle you do need to consider is the availability of wedding flowers. If you have designs on a particular bouquet just remember that many popular wedding blooms aren’t in season at this time of year. Still, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with your florals. Consider incorporating unexpected plants like wheat, crabapples, and ornamental vegetables. All of which are in keeping with the season.

Another thing to take into careful consideration is the wedding date. There’s several national holidays during the Fall, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Jewish high holiday.

As long as you do your homework you’ll find that Fall boasts a beautiful backdrop in which to stage your wedding.

Fall Wedding