Wedding Site Introduction

A classy introduction to your wedding site - a flash welcome message transitions in and out with flash effects on the bride and groom's photo. The names of the bride and groom and wedding date are displayed for the 1st time prior to moving on to the home page with further flash effects on the three home page photos. Your music selection starts playing as soon as this page is loaded.

Wedding Website Home Page

This is the starting point for navigating your wedding website. A Flash menu listing the pages you have selected slides out from the right as your cursor moves over the menu bar and back again when your cursor moves away. You have a choice of Flash menus - slides out from the right, drops down from the top right or slides up from the bottom right. Make the most of the full-size photo on this page and post your favorite photo here!

Wedding Site Welcome Page

Express your excitement about your upcoming wedding! This page gives you the first opportunity to do just that. Give family and friends a brief introduction to what your wedding site is about. Many of our clients use this web page to give thanks to those who have helped in preparing for the big day or to express their love and affection for special people in their lives.

Wedding Details Web Page

Share details for Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception and honeymoon. Addresses, telephone numbers etc are essential to ensure ALL your guests arrive on time.Your guests will need to know where to go and the timing and order of proceedings. Describe why your venues are special in any way or for any reason. Share your sumptuous honeymoon plans and let them think "wow....they are going to have such a good time!!

RSVP Web Page

For your RSVP's, don't rely solely on written rsvp's which take forever to arrive by snail-mail and may lose their way en-route to your mail box or on easy to forget telephone calls received while you're driving home from work.

This page offers your guests the option to send an RSVP mail directly to your email inbox - complete with the name of the guest or guests, their email address and any comments, dietary or other requirements.

Get a head start with your RSVP's by using our free RSVP management service. Create up to 5 events, add unlimited guests, designate lead guests who RSVP on behalf of their groups (e.g. a father RSVP'ing for his family), send emails to all your lead guests, track who has read the RSVP emails and who has RSVP'd to each event. Designate up to 5 food options for one of the wedding events.

Wedding Site Guest Book

Another MUST-have wedding website feature is the guest book. Your guests would LOVE to leave their best wishes and personalized messages for the bride and groom on your wedding site.

Your guest book. is completely editable from your Control Panel - see 'How It Works' - which means that you can even reply to your favorite guest book messages.

Our Story Web Page

Romance and love blossom in your words - the chance meeting or was it divine intervention, the fluttering hearts, fleeting thoughts that exist only on 1st dates, the blunders and the triumphs that steered you safely to the moment of bliss when he, or she, proposed.

Let's face it - your family and friends want to read it and you want to share it - because you're in love!!

About The Groom Web Page

Time for the bride to have some fun! Yes! 'About the Groom' is usually written by the bride!

Describe your lover as only a bride could describe her groom - with unlimited admiration, oodles of love and the odd cheeky observation to remind him that he isn't perfect and that he's very lucky to have you.

But beware - there is an 'About the Bride' page written by the groom.

About The Bride Web Page

'About the Bride' is usually written by the groom. This is the groom's chance to demonstrate his devotion and endless love for his bride who is perfect in every way, without exception!

Accommodations Web Page

Specify up to 5 accommodation options with directions, telephone numbers, details of the accommodations, links to accommodation websites and reference codes for special prices you have negotiated for your guests.

The details dynamically change as each accommodation option is selected on your wedding website.

Directions Web Page

Use this page to provide written directions to each of your wedding venues. Specify up to 5 links to online maps for each of your venues (maps are made available online by third parties such as Google, the Automobile Association etc).

You can of course choose not to have links to online maps and stay with written directions only. Our customization tools give you all the choice you want.

Pre-Wedding Events Web Page

Plan to celebrate before the wedding? Provide details for up to 5 pre-wedding events such as the Bachelor's Party, the Bachelorette's Party, the Rehearsal, the Rehearsal Dinner and any other pre-wedding festivity.

The details dynamically change as each pre-wedding event is selected on your wedding site.

Photo Galleries

The photo gallery home page lists the photo galleries that can be browsed by your guests. Selection of a photo gallery opens a stylish thumbnail and gallery view of photos in that gallery.

The photo gallery displays photos in a slideshow format and guests can also select a specific photo to display by clicking on a thumbnail. You may have up to 5 photo galleries, each carrying 40 photos - a total of 200 photos.

Wedding Party Pages

Introduce your bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man and everyone else in your wedding party to your guests BEFORE the wedding.

Upload a photo of each person and write a few words about each of your chosen party. The names drop down in an animation when the page is opened and the photo and description dynamically changes as the cursor moves over the name of the person on the left.

Wedding Gift or Event Registry

Many stores now offer online wedding gift registries for the bride and groom. These stores provide personalized web links to their online gift registry web pages - add these links to your wedding website in the Design Studio. Specify up to 5 online gift or event registries.

You cannot underestimate the convenience online gift registries afford both you and your guests. It's definitely the way to go!

Google Directions

Add Google directions and map from anywhere to each of your wedding events. Your wedding event venues are pre-defined and your guests simply type in their own address, select an event and hit enter. The page on your wedding website will provide step-by-step directions to your wedding venues, including a map and the estimated travel time to the event. This is a paid add-on to the one year wedding website package.

Personalized Email Address and Account

Choose a personalized email address to match your wedding website .com address e.g. Your guests can send all their wedding email corresondence and questions to this email address and because it's dedicated to your wedding, you will nver miss an important email from a guest. This is a paid add-on to the one year wedding website package.

Free Facebook Wedding Countdown or Save the Date

Design a fun and tasteful countdown to your wedding and post it to your Facebook page. Very useful to remind your friends and guests of your wedding date and to remind them to block those dates in their busy diaries. Choose from a library of fun images, choose your font and font color and publish the countdown to your Facebook account - it's that simple.

Video Page

A video page is perfect to show a video of the proposal or even a video of the wedding procession after the wedding. Your video is posted to YouTube as either a public or private video and is played in a page of your wedding website. This is a paid add-on to the one year wedding website package.

DVD of your Wedding Website

Purchase a DVD of your wedding website and keep the memory forever. The DVD is a movie playing out the pages on your wedding website and is playable in your regular DVD player. This is a paid add-on to the one year wedding website package.


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