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Lord of the Wedding RingsMy Big Fat Geek Wedding

published October 1st, 2013

Take a glance at any modern-day wedding invitation and the chances are that it will include some kind of conventional dress code. For example; black tie, festive, cocktail, white tie, casual, beach wedding, formal, or maybe mention themed colors.

Seldom do you open a card from friends inviting you to attend the biggest day of their lives dressed as... a Smurf. Yet it seems that some couples just like to throw all modern conventions out of the window and embrace their inner geeks.

Sure, you can add some geeky touches to your special day like dancing to the Dragonborn song from Skyrim or incorporating the Doctor Who theme tune into the ceremony - but why not go the whole nine yards and do the whole dressing up thing. Cosplayers (costume players) are big at comic conventions, so why not weddings?

One couple who decided to imiate the Twilight wedding actually went the whole nine yards and changed their surnames to 'Cullen'. Yes, even the groom. Now maybe that's taking things just slightly too far.

Another couple went for a Shrek themed wedding and the bride apparently asked her 18-year-old son to dress up as Donkey, but he declined. Probably didn’t want to make an ass of himself..

If you can't settle on one theme then maybe you can incorporate others. A bride and groom dressed as characters from Firefly but included Princess Leia and a TARDIS, while guests attended as various characters from across the Science Fiction universe.

Finally, if you're inviting guests of various nationalities and you're worried the language barrier could be a problem why not meet on neutral territory and all learn to speak Klingon? Star Trek / Klingon weddings are all the rage these days.

So maybe a geeky wedding is for you? As long as you’re prepared to live with your wedding photos and not die of embarrassment 10 years down the line, wondering what on earth possessed you to do such a thing.

From Shrek to Star Wars, and Hello Kitty to Zombies – We'll leave you with just a few examples...