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Green WeddingThe Green Bride Guide published April 2, 2010

It's quite eco-chic these days to go a bit or a lot green at your wedding ceremony. So why not show a little love for the earth on your special day. Not everyone looks to go "all green" with their wedding arrangements but even those new to the green lifestyle can do their bit and feel good about it.

You'll be pleased to know you won't need to break the bank to go a little bit green and create an event that's in line with your beliefs and values, environmental, economical and spiritually. There are so many possibilities to consider from the very start of your wedding planning adventure.

There are 2.5mil weddings and over 70bn is spent in this industry a year in the USA. What a difference it would make if every bride planned with just a little green thought - and the payback is good!

Green choices can be cheaper than traditional choices. Take engagement and wedding rings for example. A set costs an average of $7,000. Why not take a family heirloom that is never used and have it recast - carries more sentimental value than brand new rings. Nowadays it is common to go with synthetic or Canadian diamonds which are cheaper and to use recycled gold for wedding and engagement rings.

Then we have wedding favors which cost 2-3 dollars per item. You could opt instead for 1 chocolate covered strawberry per guest. It's natural, chic and definitely not something that will be thrown in a drawer never to see the light of day again. A small box of Mints, organic tea or organically produced wine is also popular. Or even a small non-petroleum based candle; or even better a potted succulent plant or a matchbox of seeds that can be planted as is. If you want to offer your guests something a little more durable, you can go for picture frames made from recycled metals.

Wedding invitations can be expensive and of course, they use paper. Many brides are choosing alternative "brief" wedding invitations to the traditional form and supplementing these with wedding websites. A good wedding website will help you communicate all your wedding details to your guests, offer online RSVP facilities and will be fun for you and your guests to use. Custom designed wedding websites are offered by Weddingorg.com or visit WedMeDo.com if you would like to design your own wedding website

Consider your gift registry - your guests could contribute to some event, for example, horse riding, pottery lessons or even rock climbing. A common green gift registry is a simple "fund" for the bride and groom to help pay for their honeymoon - there are registries out there that offer this service. You could also consider Charity registries as well.

Your wedding theme can blend in naturally with the environment and the local community. This type of theme is very meaningful and extra special for your guests, particularly if many of them are from the local community. You can opt for fresh delicious food, fresh wild flowers or flowers grown locally - fresh, in season, organic. For example, you can serve brie and pear purses, Pumpkin soup,

green salads, local steak and field green salads at your October wedding in New England.

Most brides don't have the benefit of a wedding planner, so be careful when planning. Not all aspects of your wedding will lend themselves to green options.
For example, may not be a good idea to go for bio diesel buses to transport guests - can be very expensive to hire and difficult to source.

If you're looking for help, a good book to have a look at is "Green Bride Guide" by Kate Harrison - well priced on Amazon.com.

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