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The Best-Dressed GroomThe Best-Dressed Groom

published June 13th, 2014

You’ve acquired your wedding dress and it’s simply perfect. In fact if you peruse the dictionary and look up the word “perfect” you’ll see a photo of your wedding dress. Yes, it’s that perfect.

So what’s the best accessory for this perfect wedding gown? A beautiful bouquet? Or perhaps a pair of stunning red stilettos? Well, the answer you’re looking for may surprise you, but it really shouldn’t. In fact this accessory is of crucial importance to your big day.

The best accessory a bride can have on her wedding day is in fact… a well dressed groom. Yes, it’s fabulous if the bride looks the part, but if the groom looks like he’s just stumbled out of his granddad’s wardrobe then it’s really going to put a dampener on things. Everybody will go home talking about the grooms uncanny resemblance to a scarecrow, and that will simply cast a shadow over that perfect wedding dress.

You may have already selected the perfect tuxedo or suit for him to don for the great occasion, but now it’s time to start thinking about those small (but high impact) details you may have overlooked.

Let’s start with the shirt. You can’t really go wrong here, unless the groom insists on sporting the gaudy Hawaiian number he wore on the night he met you. In which case his face and charisma must have really diverted your attention away from that ghastly shirt, but it’s still probably best suited to a nearby thrift store - as opposed to a wedding ceremony.

A white shirt is ideal if you want to play it safe, but sometimes incorporating a colour or patterned shirt into the groom’s attire can really make for a more trend-setting 21st Century look. Something like a navy gingham check shirt would be ideal as it’s a combination of modern and traditional so it won’t be frowned upon and the groom will still look the bees knees.

Stripes tend to say “Look at me I’m going to a business meeting!” so perhaps something a bit more “floral” would be more advisable for a groom. That’s subtle floral, not 70s flower power floral. Unless your wedding theme is Psychedelia.

Don’t abandon the tie. Lots of men seem to think that a lack of neckwear makes them look hip and unconventional, which is fine if you’re a guest at a wedding as nobody really cares… but not if you’re taking centre stage at your own wedding. All eyes will be on you. Sans tie just says “Meh, I can’t be bothered” which isn’t really the impression you want to give on this occasion.

If your groom is thinking “cartoon tie” then you should probably go and sit in your room and think long and hard about marrying this person. Even the coolest dorks shudder at the sight of a cartoon tie, and people who wear them in public should be approached with extreme caution.

A black tie says “Who died?” so perhaps something navy or light grey would be advisable if you’re going for a single colour. If you want something a little more stylish then perhaps go for tone-on-tone. Maybe layers of various shades of yellow would bring in a bit more colour and pattern.

Now we come to footwear, and “class” is the keyword here. If the wedding is a formal affair then the groom should probably stick to black patent or leather lace-up shoes. Dark brown are also a viable option, but the colour of the shoes should really compliment the suit. However if your wedding ceremony is taking place on a tropical beach then huaraches or bare feet are perfectly acceptable. Crocs are not acceptable and anyone caught wearing them at a wedding should be asked to go home and rethink their life.

Finally, we come to socks, and to be honest anything here is fair game. It’s not like anyone is going to see them at the ceremony. This is the opportunity to please the groom’s inner geek. So if Spongebob Squarepants socks put a spring in his step and he wants to wear them then that’s really his prerogative. You can always burn them at a later date.