Wedding Websites with an Indian Theme


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Indian Wedding Websites

Many of our clients live in India, mostly Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad and we have over 3000 people from India visiting and using WedMeDo every month.


A Library of Indian Wedding Images


Our library of Indian images is available in our Design Studio. Select any image to use as a wedding page background or as an animated image in your wedding website.


We have colorful images portraying Indian wedding ceremony, Indian wedding bracelets and jewellery, Indian wedding decorations and more.


If you have a good Indian wedding image you would like to share with others please send it to and we will add it to our library.

Why Indian Wedding Websites?


So why do we have a focus page for India? Many of our clients are based in India and we have seen many great Indian wedding websites built with our Design Studio.


We offer a library of Indian wedding images to make it even easier for you to design your wedding websites. Indian weddings are rich in tradition, color and festivity and we would like to help you as much as possible to capture this tradition and color in your wedding website.

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