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New Year NuptialsNew Year Nuptials

published December 30th, 2013

You may be in the very early stages of planning your wedding and still debating the best time of year to tie the knot, but if you’re a party loving couple and keen to marry out of season you may wish to consider the biggest party date of the year – New Year’s Eve.

Of course there are more factors to take into consideration when coinciding your special day with the year’s biggest celebration, so if you’re serious about this here’s a few inspiring ideas and practical advice you may wish to make a note of…

Great Expectations

As it’s such a huge night of celebration anyway then guests will probably expect your evening to be rather glamorous and grand. Oozing with decadence, sophistication and sparkle. No pressure, but not only does this need to be the best New Year’s Eve party your guests attend but also the best wedding!

Location, Location, Location

Venues are bound to get booked up really far in advance so be sure to start your planning early to ensure you’re not disappointed. Your best bet may be to consider a large private house, as opposed to a public venue like a hotel or hall. Also, you may wish to make sure your desired place to get married actually perform ceremonies on this date.

Party Time!

Remember that this is a New Year’s Eve celebration as well as a wedding so it may be wise to kick off the proceedings rather late in the day. It’s all well and good to have an afternoon wedding reception but you’re going to have to cater for your guests into the early hours - and things may get a bit messy if they’re already been drinking since midday!

Dress to Impress

For this occasion a black tie or dazzling sparkly dress code would probably be wise. Regardless of what your guests wear, the groom should look rather dapper in a tuxedo (white or black) with a hand tied bow tie, while the Bride would look very glamorous in a high drama wedding gown.

The Finer Details

Luxurious black letter press invitations are probably the best way to encapsulate the glitz and fun of your very big day.

As this celebration is on the tail end of Christmas you may not want to pump your guests too full of food, and turkey should probably be kept off the menu! An elegant sit down meal is probably the best option but keep it light.

Take into account children and the elderly, who may not wish to stay up until 2am dancing like a drunk giraffe. So a “chill room” or children’s room may be a necessity.

The Main Event

The focal point of the day is obviously the clock striking midnight and you have no chance of stealing its thunder, so you may wish to provide party themed favours like masquerade masks, streamers and sparklers to ensure this party goes off with a most spectacular bang!