Wedding Websites with a New York Theme


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New York Wedding Websites

To all New-Yorker wedding couples out there - if you wish to create a groovy personal wedding website using awesome images portraying life in New York, then you've come to the right place.


A Library of New York Images


Our library of New York images is available in our Design Studio. Select any image to use as a wedding page background or as an animated image in your wedding website.


We have colorful images of New York graffiti art, artistic photography portraying New York Yellow cabs, the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York sky-line and more.


If you have a good image you would like to share with others please send it to and we will add it to our library.

Why New York Wedding Websites?


So why New York? Many of our clients are based in New York and we have seen some stunning New York wedding websites built with our Design Studio.


Offering a library of New York images is our way of saying "THANKS" to all you New-Yorkers for supporting WedMeDo - hopefully these images will make it even easier for you in the Big Apple to design your wedding websites.


Other Cities in the United States


We are also creating image libraries for other US Cities. To come, San Francisco and Los Angeles in California, Dallas and Houston in Texas, Atlanta and Union City in Georgia and the State of Maryland.

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