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Lord of the Wedding RingsLord of the Wedding Rings

published September 19th, 2013

Patrick Stewart married his long term girlfriend Sunny Ozell at a ceremony in Nevada on September 7 which was officiated by fellow thespian and Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen.

The ceremony was held on the banks of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, near where Ozell grew up. "The water was lapping almost against our feet,” said Stewart. “Our photographer took a tumble, and literally if he’d been standing on the other side of us, he would have ended up in the lake.” The location remained a well-kept secret, even if the ceremony itself was not. “We have Ian to thank for letting the cat out of the bag in the first place,” said Stewart, referring to a TV interview in which McKellen said he would be “marrying Patrick.” “But he also put down the wrong scent.”

Ozell (35) a singer, wore an elegant white lace gown, while Stewart (73) wore a gray suit, custom made just for the ceremony. But both Stewart and Ozell agreed that the best outfit might have belonged to McKellen, who wore a gray three-piece suit. ("Were our grays too similar?" asked Stewart after the fact.) McKellen initially sported a straw Panama hat, which he playfully tossed off at the beginning of the ceremony. McKellen, said Stewart, created a tone of “relaxed, spontaneous informality.”

After the ceremony, the 100 or so guests — including the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, enjoyed a raucous reception. There was food, liquor, and all the usual wedding trappings, but Stewart and Ozell really reveled in the dancing. “It was wild,” said Stewart.

How late did the party go?  “Not that late,” said Stewart, “We were thrown out.” Said Ozell, “And that’s a good thing, because everyone was really, properly drunk.”

Source: Vulture.com