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Summer Wedding IdeasSummer Wedding Ideas

published April 24th, 2014

Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind… as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince once said.

Summer is also a time for weddings! Well, it’s not the exclusive season for weddings, but it’s certainly the peak season for weddings.

It’s also the ideal season to create unique stylings and bold statements on your big day. A time to add some effervescence and “oomph” to your wedding proceedings.

Here we present just a handful of summery wedding tips for your perusal…

Wedding Invitations

To begin with, your save-the-dates and invitations should reflect that summer vibe. So you could give them give them bright, vibrant colours. Unless you want to go for the subtle approach, in which case you should choose designs that reflect the season, like butterflies and pretty flowers. If you’re having a tropical beach wedding then you can’t really go wrong by using golden sands, blue sea and palm trees for your design. Blues, yellows, greens and reds all convey that summertime feel good feeling.

The Great Outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to stage an outdoor wedding (unless of course you’re holding it on a bank holiday weekend in England, in which case it might be a good idea to have a backup plan in case you get rained on). Consider venues situated near the sea or river as these will add a bit of summertime magic. Failing that, somewhere with impressive gardens would make a stunning venue. It would defeat the object if you got married in an underground bunker - although that would be rather cool (literally if it had working air conditioning installed). If you’re going to get married in summer then grab it by the horns and embrace all things summery!

Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen though, otherwise you’ll be sporting the “lobster look” before you’ve even boarded the plane for your honeymoon destination.

The Color of Summer

Enhance that summer theme in your wedding by injecting bursts of colour into it. A white wedding dress with a bright bridal bouquet and striking red heels can really add that WOW factor. Your bridesmaids dresses and bridal accessories can also really add that little bit extra to the whole summertime theme.

Fans and Favors

Summer is traditionally hot, so providing handmade hand fans alongside your wedding favors would be a welcome touch. They can look cool and keep your guests cool at the same time.

If you really want to be creative your fans could also double as ceremony programs. That way your guests will remain as cool as cucumbers and be kept abreast of the days proceedings at the same time. They’ll thank you for it later.

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding then some form of sun shade is extremely important. Perhaps consider placing umbrellas on each chair. That will protect your guests from the sun and can also be used in an emergency in case the heavens decide to open…

You can also place sunglasses on every chair, but ask your guests to remove them for the wedding photos as otherwise they’ll either resemble a convention for the blind - or the mafia.

The Cocktail Bar

Think colourful displays, cocktails sweetened with syrup and plenty of refreshing flavours. A signature cocktail is a delightful way to personalise your menu, and there’s an array of cocktail concoctions for you to chose from. Maple Manhattan, Lindbergh and Greenhouse Tonic would all be welcome additions to your outdoor wedding. They’re guaranteed to go down a treat as well! Just be mindful of how much alcohol is involved otherwise things may get ugly.

Ice Cream and Delectable Desserts

Ice cream was made for summer, therefore it would be a crime if ice creams didn’t feature at your summer wedding. Can you think of anything better to indulge on a hot summers day? For a touch of elegance you can have your waiters serve your guests with ice seam cones, or hire an ice cream van - which will almost certainly prove to be a hit.

At the end of the meal you may wish to have a dessert buffet, which could feature an array of mouth-watering delights. This is normally held in place of the traditional wedding cake, but it could be done in addition to the cake . Why not, if you can’t throw caution to the wind on your wedding day then when can you? Well, aside from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and multiple birthday celebrations…