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Valentine's Day WeddingValentine's Day Wedding

published February 11th, 2014

Valentine’s Day is a busy day for Cupid. The god of desire has a huge workload and is probably as stressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, but he’s firing off arrows left, right, and center instead of presents. If Cupid wasn’t a fictional god then he’d most certainly have a sore arm by the end of the day.

For those fortunate enough to be struck by Cupid’s arrow (in a loving relationship) then February 14th is a day of love, romance, cuddles and candlelit dinners. While the singletons of the world are sat at home sobbing into their Corn Flakes or franticly scanning match.com for a willing suitor.  

It’s a day when love is in the air. Whether you like it or not. 

In 2015 the most romantic day of the year is set to fall on a Saturday, which is traditionally the day of choice for most couples to get married. As Valentine’s Day and weddings go hand-in-hand it may be a viable option for you to host a Valentine’s themed wedding event. That’s if you’re willing to embrace the colder temperatures of a winter wedding.

Alongside Christmas, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular dates for a man (or woman) to pop the big question, which makes a lot of sense when you consider the heavy “romantic overtones” of the day. So if you get engaged this Valentine’s Day you may wish to consider next year a suitable “loved-up” anniversary and celebrate by tying the knot.

Although celebrating your wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day is probably like celebrating your birthday on Christmas Day. It’s nice, but you may prefer to “spread the love” (and gifts) over the year rather than have one Day of Love. Seriously though if you do forget your anniversary you’ll be consigned to the doghouse for months afterwards.

So if you still want to go ahead with your heart-filled wedding on Valentine’s Day, here’s five romantic ideas you may wish to consider…

Red and White are the colours

From the bride’s red painted manicured nails (or the grooms if he wishes to express himself) to the red velvet cupcakes… red is the colour for this theme. Obviously throw in a bit of white, otherwise it’ll just be overkill.

Send your guests some love

Your wedding invitations should ideally reflect your big day, and these heart cut out invitations are the perfect way to tell your guests about your Valentine's Day Wedding. Nothing beats a personal, handmade card from the bride and groom-to-be themselves.

Red hot heels

These red heels would look fabulous peeping out from beneath your wedding dress, while the groom could wear a red tie and vest. It’s all about subtly here.

Red flower power

Fill your ceremony and reception with romantic bouquets like this stunning behemoth made of roses, dahlias, black magic roses, and burgundy calla lilies.

Love muffins

The name of this favor will turn the cuteness factor for your Valentine's Day wedding up to number eleven.