Wedding Vendors

WedMeDo offers a number of partnership opportunities to wedding vendors.

These include:

  • 'White Label' Wedding Websites and other WedMeDo products with vendor branding to promote vendor products.

  • Targeted advertising specifically associated with WedMeDo page content - a powerful advertising strategy.

'White Label' Wedding Websites

White Label Wedding Websites and the Wedding Vendor Revenue CycleDo you offer a great wedding product or service? If you do, we have the perfect marketing tool to advertise your product extensively across the internet and to a very targeted audience.

Did you know that on average 178 guests attend an American wedding and an average of 692 guests attend an Indian wedding.

Many of these wedding guests will be friends and colleagues of the wedding couple and will share demographics such as age-group and household income. And very importantly, many will marry within 5 years of the wedding date.

The question is, how do you showcase your product or service to this group of potential wedding clients in a non-intrusive way and in a way that will ensure their attention and focus.

We believe WedMeDo can answer this question for you. WedMeDo is now offering a white label version of it's Flash wedding websites for use by wedding vendors to promote their own products and services.

This is how it works:

You offer your client a free Flash wedding website when your client purchases your product or subscribes to your service.

The free site includes a page which has been custom designed for your business and showcases your products or services. This page can be seemlessly and tastefully integrated into the site in a natural way. For example, if you are a provider of wedding venues, the Accommodations page can carry your branding, photos and other products offered, such as spa treatments.

Every guest that visits and browses your client's wedding site will see your custom branded page on the site.

A few more interesting facts about wedding websites:

  • The average wedding website receives over 5000 hits and as many as 15,000 hits over a one year period.

  • The average duration of a wedding website is 1.2 years

  • The advertising reach of a wedding website goes far beyond the guest-list. Wedding websites are usually viewed by friends and colleagues at work and by the bride and groom's social groups e.g. religious communities.

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Targeted Advertising

WedMeDo offers advertising space on every page of our website. Our Sample Panel: Wedding Vendor Advertisingprofessionally written article pages cover a variety of wedding ideas, products and themes and offer highly targeted advertising potential.

Our offer extends only to providers of wedding products or services. This ensures that our site remains highly relevant to weddings and weddings only.

We can only accommodate a limited number of adverts per page and advertising space is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We do this for two main reasons. Firstly, we are not a wedding directory and have chosen not to clutter our pages with advertising. Secondly, we wish to ensure that the advertising we do sell is effective and beneficial to our vendors.

We offer thumbnail adverts with roll-over descriptions - example above left. We do not offer text links. All advert thumbnails are 60px wide and either 75px or 175px high.

Advert subscriptions run for 1 year and existing advertisers have first option for annual renewals.

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