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The Wedding AnniversaryThe Wedding Anniversary

published June 25th, 2014

Sometimes so much emphasis is placed on the wedding day that we lose sight of what marriage is all about. All that build up, anticipation and great expectation for one day… and then within the blink of an eye it’s all over. That’s the wedding, not the marriage… although sadly the latter is true in some cases.

Of course the wedding day shouldn’t be the primary focus of your marriage. Metaphorically speaking, it’s simply two people setting up their stall… or boarding a train to embark on great adventures together. If you’re getting married so you can wear a wedding dress or have a bit of a knees-up then there’s a good chance that married life will be an uphill struggle from day one. If you’ve just married and you’re already thinking about how you might want to spend your first wedding anniversary then that’s a good sign. If you’re already pondering your tenth anniversary then even better. However if you’re more concerned with an alarming discovery in your pre-nuptial agreement or are hesitant to book that first anniversary vacation in case things fall apart before then… well, it seems the wedding bells have been replaced by alarm bells.

No marriage is plain sailing. There’s always going to be storms, choppy waters and maybe even an iceberg or two. The trick is to navigate around these obstacles, or find help and bounce back if you happen to crash into one of them. Okay, that’s enough of the metaphors…

One tip for a happy marriage is… Don’t forget the anniversary. That wedding date should be tattooed on your face. Not literally, but if that helps then why not? It’ll certainly be staring you in the face every day.

No doubt countless couples have encountered this problem at some point in their married lives. The husband arrives downstairs to find a cooked breakfast, a card and a meticulously wrapped gift on the dining table. Thankfully before he utters the words “What’s all this in aid of?” it suddenly dawns on him that he’s totally overlooked the anniversary. His heart momentarily stops beating as his emergency brain cells spring into action. Maybe, just maybe, he can salvage this situation. “Oh silly me!” he says, with his hand covering his face as if to try and conceal the whopping great shameful lie he is about to tell. “I’ve left your card and gift in the car!” he says, with a delivery worthy of an Oscar nomination.

“You’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on!” chuckles his wife. The husband winces and wishes she’d stop using that old cliche - it wasn’t funny the first 500 times she used that expression, and now it just makes his soul ache.

The husband dashes out to the car, carefully disguising the meltdown that’s occurring in his brain. He knows there’s a packet of Maltesers sitting on the dashboard but they’ve been sitting in the sun for so long they’ve probably congealed into one nondescript lump of chocolate mess. There’s also the bottle of Dr Pepper that’s been rolling about beneath the drivers seat for six months. He could give her that. What’s the worst that could happen… aside from igniting the flames of divorce.

Suddenly the car engine starts and the husband takes off down the road like he’s attempting to qualify for the Monaco Grand Prix. He returns an hour later looking decidedly sweaty and stuttering some fanciful story about receiving a telephone call as he stepped out the door. Apparently his grandmother had a fall and he was terribly worried... so he quickly dashed off to visit her. He’s a terrible human being.

Unfortunately the husband left his phone on the dining table before leaving the house, and his grandmother phoned to wish the couple a happy anniversary while he was out on his mission of deception. She seemed in high spirits and chatted to the wife for almost 45 minutes. So naturally the wife sees through this veil of deceit and files it away in her brain for future reference…

The below wedding anniversary list may not help you to remember your anniversary date, but it could give you some inspired gift ideas.

If you’re approaching your first anniversary why not write your beloved a love letter? As long as your beloved is actually your wife… and that it’s actually a letter, written on paper. You could send a nice e-mail, but it would really defeat the object of a gift on an anniversary that represents paper.

Also, a love letter is far more romantic than a $50 bill.

First: Paper

Second: Cotton

Third: Leather

Fourth: Linen

Fifth: Wood

Sixth: Iron

Seventh: Wool

Eighth: Bronze

Ninth: Pottery

Tenth: Tin

Eleventh: Steel

Twelfth: Silk

Thirteenth: Lace

Fourteenth: Ivory

Fifteenth: Crystal

Twentieth: China

Twenty-fifth: Silver

Thirtieth: Pearls

Thirty-fifth: Jade

Fortieth: Rubies

Forty-fifth: Sapphires

Fiftieth: Gold

Fifty-fifth: Emeralds

The Wedding Anniversary