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Botox BrideBotox Bride

published February 4th, 2014

As your wedding day approaches you’re bound to start thinking more and more about your appearance. You may start going to the gym or eating less in order to fit into that perfect dress (or suit), you may take more vitamins or consume more water to maintain healthy skin, or you may start testing out a range of skin creams to clear up any unwanted blemishes.

Then one day you look in the mirror and see a haggard old woman staring back at you, complete with crows feet, frown lines and a pretty impressive set of bags under your eyes. No amount of vitamins or skin creams are going to get you looking 10 years younger, so then what do you do? Before collapsing in a heap on the floor and saying your wedding day is ruined, you may want to consider another option. Botox. 

The thought of needles being injected into your face may be a bit of a turn off, but before you dismiss the idea completely and run for the hills you should examine the facts and then determine if it’s right for you. 

It may be that you’ve left it too late, as it’s probably best to have the procedure at least a month before your wedding. Most users get treatments every four to six months, so if your wedding is quite far away you may also want to wait a while to save on the expense of having a “top up” a month before your big day.

If you do decide to take the Botox route then you need to factor it into your wedding budget. The average price of the treatments ranges from $250-$400 per area (forehead, crow's feet, glabellar lines) so it may be beyond your budgetary requirements from the start. Unless you make some sacrifices in other areas. We’d advise you against dropping the wedding website, so perhaps get your dad to drive you to the church instead of hiring a chauffeur.

So how does the treatment work?

The first thing you should do is consult a doctor, or if you have a friend who’s had Botox and you like the look of it you may wish to consult the same doctor. Before embarking on your treatment an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon should perform wrinkle treatments on your face. It’s best to give “Botox parties” a wide berth. If anything goes wrong or you have an unexpected reaction then you could be in a whole heap of trouble.

A doctor with experience will know exactly where to place the neurotoxin, and they’ll also know exactly how much you need in that area so that it still looks natural. A specialist will also tell you which common medications to avoid using, as some can cause bruising or bleeding. If this hasn’t put you off entirely then there’s no harm in at least having a consolation. They’re not going to strap you to a bed a stick needles in your face without your blessing.

Before the procedure, your face will be cleaned of all make-up (so the doctor can easily locate those juicy veins) and topical ice will be applied to the areas to be treated (this helps shrink the blood vessels and desensitise your skin). The doctor will then say “This won’t hurt a bit!” and inject the appropriate spots on your face.

After every injection ice will be your friend, as it will minimise any bruising and soothe the area. You may be offered a free “touch up” after two weeks, which is good as this means they haven’t given you too much treatment initially.

Then that’s it. Job done. Although you may be tempted to have a lie down after the procedure you should probably avoid that - and vigorous exercise, for a few hours at least. After a few days the bruising and swelling will go down and you can stop telling people you walked into a door.

Results usually last between three to six months, so if your wedding falls within that time period you’ve timed it just right!

Of course if all fails then you could always slip your photographer a few extra dollars and ask him to “eliminate” any unwanted lines, droops and wrinkles with the aid of Photoshop and a graphics tablet. At least then you won’t be sobbing over your wedding photos for the next fifty years.