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published September 25th, 2013

Every wedding features the obligatory wedding cake, which is the edible centrepiece of your special day. It's one of the more fun aspects of wedding planning, and hours of thought are put into the design before the final masterpiece is unveiled. Basically, the idea is that the cake looks too good to eat – but is then demolished in minutes by sweet-toothed ravenous hoards.

The look of the cake is generally dependant upon the theme of your wedding, but there are other factors to take into consideration – such as your budget. Not everyone can afford that 8-tiered behemoth adorned with 900 sugar-paste flowers. Ideally, the cake should also compliment the food it follows - or the drink it's served with.

Back in the day, traditional wedding cakes used to be square in shape, but these days couples tend to favour round cakes and like to sprinkle their own personal touches over the finished product. Some wedding designers are incorporating edible lace or intricate sugar flowers into their cakes to match the bride's gown, while others are getting requests for bold colours and hand painted patterns on their cakes.

Recent findings by Hello! Magazine indicate that will we see extravagant and more personal cakes, but a strong influence from the leaders in the cake market — Australia and the US. Dessert tables are becoming a popular option, alongside the cake, as well as groom's cakes which are more of a novelty standing next to the masterpiece.

Experts predict that cakes are going to get bigger, taller and more extravagant, perhaps with more emphasis on the bridal dress or an exquisite personal touch. Gold-designed cakes, edible lace, ribbons and frills, and statement flowers could also become more commonplace. They may even get a little more braver and outrageous.

However they may look, wedding cakes are going to be around for many years to come and literally serve as "the icing on the cake" for anyones big day.