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Unique VenuesInnovative Wedding Concepts in 2010

published January 15, 2011

With over twenty years experience in the wedding industry, husband and wife team Robert Allan and Holli Ehrlich offer a review of the bridal scene in 2010. They describe the more innovative concepts they have seen at various wedding shows that have taken place over the past year, providing fresh and fun ideas to be incorporated in your wedding planning.

From wedding favours, to wedding food - different ideas are tried and tested, helping to keep those wedding ideas modern and fun.

Transport options

At the opening of the new J.Crew bridal store on madison avenue, rickshaws were outside the building to be used as an alternative to taking a taxi. Such a cute idea for moving people around, at the same time providing a cool photo opportunity for guests.

Green weddings were a growing trend in 2010, making the rickshaws a popular ‘green’ choice. Being as friendly to the environment as possible has gained momentum over the past few years, and will continue to remain forefront in wedding planning.

Wedding themes

Martha Stewarts Bridal Market Annual Event was held at their headquarters, which has amazing events space inside. The event had a signature look, taking into account every detail. White was the party theme, with the room elegantly decorated using white, gold and silver including beautiful floral bouquets and an all white candy buffet!

Wedding food

When planning an event, think about the momentum of the party, which can often get interrupted by the serving of a formal dinner. This has led to a trend for mini food, with chic buffets taking the place of a more formal dinner. Food can be on offer throughout the party, without disruption, as guests won’t have to leave the dance floor to eat a mini cupcake!!

Keep everything in one room as once people start to wander off it can be difficult to get them back (for cake cutting, throwing bridal bouqet, first dance). Wedding parties have been known to incorporate separate coffee bars, or have carts outside offering waffles and donuts, but this takes focus away from the main party.

The ‘mini’ theme can also continue through into the drinks, serving mini cocktails in shot glasses. Offer 3 or 4 signature cocktails, representing the favourite drink of the bridal party. The display is modern and fun, and something different.

Focus on your wedding guests

Bride & Grooms are now putting more emphasis on making sure their guests have a great experience at their wedding, through putting in extra touches for guests to remember.

Incorporate something wouldn’t normally see at a wedding and people gravitate towards it. Photo booths have been used at weddings, which add an element of fun for your guests. A wedding website could then be used to show all the photos to guests who attended, and those who were unable to make it.

The wedding candy bar

For a unique wedding reception, put together a candy bar to be unveiled during the evening. This is becoming one of the hottest trends, to be used as an alternative to wedding party favours. So much fun can be had planning this, matching the color of the candy to the color theme of the wedding. Everyone loves candy and it becomes something both personal and memorable to bring home.

Useful wedding websites for new ideas

There are so many wonderful ways to set your wedding apart from anyone else’s. Sign up at marthastewartweddings.com to get ‘Darcy’s idea of the day’. Inspiring suggestions on everything from bouquets to delicious favours, wedding cakes and alternatives, rehearsal dinners.

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