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Wedding Day SmileWedding Day Smile

published May 9th, 2014

As the bride walks gracefully down the aisle the guests can’t believe how beautiful she looks, with her hair like she’s just stepped out of a salon, her make-up immaculate, and her beautiful pristine dress, white as the pure driven snow. Then she smiles… and the guests cannot disguise their horror.

Unfortunately the bride’s penchant for twenty cigarettes a day has been her downfall, and that whiter-than-white dress highlights the fact that her pearly whites aren’t so white. They’re more a rather unsightly shade of yellow. Not only are they discoloured, they’re so crooked anyone would think she’d just spent the morning with Austin Power’s orthodontist.

Suddenly self conscious about her teeth, the bride spends the rest of the day with an awkward smirk on her face, and covering her mouth every time she laughs. Not really a great look for the wedding photos, where she should be grinning like the Cheshire Cat when he’s in a really good mood.

Sadly, it’s an all too common occurrence. The bride spends so much time finding the perfect dress and devoting countless hours to her hair and make-up that she forgets to get her teeth whitened to match her wedding dress and veil. It’s probably not something that would notice in day-to-day life, but white generally makes anything slightly off-white look remarkably yellow. Clowns are all too familiar with this problem.

So what’s the best way to ensure that you have a winning smile on your big day?

You could consult your dentist about having your teeth professionally whitened. It’s a common procedure, but should really be done at least a month before the wedding. There’s a chance it can make your teeth more sensitive than usual, which isn’t going to help you when you’re trying to enjoy your wedding feast at the reception. It’s best to speak to your dentist a few months before the wedding so they can advise you on the best course of action.

Alternatively, there are several cheaper alternatives to having your teeth whitened…

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips cost around $50 per kit, and will help your smile look as white as your dress. Just be mindful to keep them off your gums to avoid damage from the bleach. The strips stick like glue, so they’re not going to slip or slide, but be sure to avoid dark foods or liquid. Tea and black coffee are common culprits for staining teeth. As are blueberries, pickles and tomato sauce.

Red or pink provides a good contrast for off-white teeth, so applying these colours of lipstick will undoubtedly help you gain a whiter looking smile.

You’re probably going to spend a lot of time talking to guests, so it’s also important to keep your breath refreshing, otherwise your guests will need to take a step back when you approach them. Keeping a supply of mints upon your person will help, but you can also make sneaky trips to the bar for some fresh mint or a lemon wedge. Both are perfect antidotes to a case of halitosis.

You may wish to indulge in a few glasses of vino at the reception, and if red is your wine of choice you may need to remove the evidence afterwards. Fortunately you can buy towelettes that are made for the job. Wine Wipes are $7.95 and available from Borracha.

Teeth-straightening is obviously a more time-consuming, costly procedure, and only really advisable if it’s really needed. It will involve braces and wires and several months of feeling rather uncomfortable and self conscious. Depending on the amount of work involved you’re probably looking at between 6-24 months of work. So it also depends on if the groom is prepared to wait for your smile to be perfected. He’ll probably just roll his eyes and say you’re beautiful just as you are - which would save you quite a lot of time and money!

Remember this is your wedding, you’re not accepting an Oscar in front of millions of viewers where your teeth will be judged and scrutinised by paparazzi and social media all over the world. The important thing is that you’re happy with how you look on your wedding day. You shouldn’t be so concerned by what others think, but if you’re happy with your appearance then you’ll feel far less anxious walking down the aisle and delivering your vows in front of an audience.

Don’t worry, be happy.