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The Engagement AnnouncementThe Engagement Announcement

published January 8th, 2014

You’re engaged to be married, and probably every fibre of your being is wanting to shout this from the rooftops. Friends, family, strangers, the cat on the porch - you don’t really care who knows, you just want everyone to know. Of course the other spontaneous option is to update your Facebook status, which will undoubtedly contain capital letters and lots of exclamation marks!!!!! Then sit back and wait for the “likes” and posts of congratulations to come flooding in.

Before you run to the top of the nearest multi-story car park or reach for your computer you should probably wait. Take a deep breath. Hold your fire. 

This is your engagement. Something to savour. It deserves more than this. If you really must post this news on Facebook or Twitter then be sure to notify both sets of parents first – and ideally, your close friends.

One of the great things about giving good news is seeing the looks on peoples faces when they hear it, and the reaction you receive. Someone posting “Congratulations” on your status update doesn’t really have the same effect. Humour and sarcasm are also often lost in the written word, so someone writing “Don’t do it!” just to be jocular could have a disastrous effect! Especially if they omit the smiley face.

There’s many more creative ways that you can announce your engagement, without telling the world, his wife and that old schoolfriend you never speak to on Facebook but accepted his friend request out of pity.

A Surprise Engagement Party

According to statistics 39% of proposals take place between November and February, with most of these occurring in December. It’s probably no coincidence that this coincides with Christmas. Presumably this means that 61% of proposals take place between March and October, but that’s a longer time period anyway.

Whenever you get engaged you can probably come up with a good excuse to throw a party or social gathering for your nearest and dearest. Unless you’re one of those antisocial types, then in which case your friends may find it a bit odd.

Let your friends and family think it’s just a regular party and then… BAM! Hit them with the surprise “We’re engaged to be married” announcement - and watch the tears roll.

If you’re really not a party person and really can’t be doing with all that hugging and shaking of hands after your announcement then there’s still better ways than Facebook.

Create a Unique Greetings Card

You may think sending cards is very 20th Century, but people still like to receive items in the post. Christmas, New Year, Easter, Happy New Month… any old card will do. The important bit is what you write inside… “Love from the future Mr and Mrs Smith” being the important bit. You could even design your own card with moonpig.com (other companies are available) and include a cheesy photo on the front. 

The Video Announcement

If you want to see the looks on your loved ones faces but don’t like the idea of public speaking then you could always pre-record your announcement and invite your friends over for a “movie night”. Then surprise, surprise, instead of “The Towering Inferno” the featured DVD will be your engagement announcement. Whatever you do don’t suggest the movie is “A Very Long Engagement” as that will arouse suspicion - and you’ll be asking for trouble! 

Then when you’re done being creative you should probably go crazy on Facebook.