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published April 11th, 2014

When it comes to selecting flowers for your wedding day you just need to remember one thing. There are no right or wrong choices to be made here. It’s your wedding, so it’s your choice. Red roses might look a bit weird if your theme is primarily blue, while decking your venue out with chrysanthemums or lilies may beg the question “Who died?” but it’s your funeral… Um, wedding.

Once you’ve settled on a theme and colours then you can take it from there. It’s also important to bear in mind your budget. So if your chosen flower is the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid do take into account that they cost around $6,000 per piece. Fine if your flower budget is $6,000… and you only want one flower sitting in a pot at the front looking rather lonely. Probably ideal if your theme is “minimalistic”.

Of course you could be really awkward and demand the Kadupul Flower, which is so rare it’s actually priceless. It may emanate a calming, lovely fragrance but it can’t be picked without being damaged, it only blossoms at night… oh, and it dies before dawn. You could try Interflora, but don’t hold your breath.

The lesser-spotted Kadupul Flower

Your florist should provide you with helpful advice. They should also share your vision, and if they don’t then it’s probably best to find one who does. If you find that half a dozen florists don’t share your vision then you should probably find a new vision.

Remember, florists know their onions… or in this case, their flowers. So listen to their advice. They don’t want your ceremony to look ghastly, they want it to look amazing so all your guests flock to their shop and buy their own flowers.

One basic and very important golden rule… less is more. This isn’t just true with flowers, it’s true with many things in life. Especially if you’re having lunch with your mother right after your hospital appointment and you’re explaining your endoscopy in all its glorious, graphic detail.

“That’s nice, dear” says mother, pushing her lunch plate to one side.

Sometimes only a morsel of detail is required, and wedding flowers are merely the splash of colour that compliments the many other beautiful parts of a wedding. The icing on the cake, so to speak.

Remember, this isn’t the Chelsea Flower Show or Kew Gardens, and your flower display shouldn't be the primary point of focus. Good positioning and some cheap foliage can create the illusion that you have more flowers than you do. Failing that, you could always use mirrors.

If you don’t know where to start and need inspiration then try browsing through bridal magazines, or gardening magazines that focus on flowers. Or flower magazines. Obviously. Looking at the flowers will give you a good idea of what appeals to you. At a later date you can perhaps visit a garden centre or florist and ask if you can smell them.

If it makes things easier then the classic wedding flowers are: roses, peony, lily of the valley, hydrangea, orchid, and calla lily. You can’t go wrong with these, they’re foolproof wedding flowers. If your ceremony is adorned with roses the worst your guests will say is “Again with the roses!” but they’re certainly not going to recoil in horror and say “Roses? At a wedding?”.

You may wish to consider using fragrant flowers to give the impression that there are more flowers. Don’t go overboard on this, remember it’s not the Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume blending factory. You want a subtle whiff in the air, not your guests covering their faces with handkerchiefs and quietly choking for the duration of your ceremony.

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the season. Summer flowers look amazing… in the summer. However if you’re getting married in the winter then you may have a job finding a nice anthurium or carnation. Likewise, if you’re getting married in the summer then a display of snowdrops might be a tall order. Unless of course you want to be a real diva and have them flown in. It’s your call.

The most important and indeed intimate floral arrangement for the wedding is the bridal bouquet. So if you need to skimp that’s fine, just don’t skimp on the bridal bouquet. There’s many styles of bouquet - round, trailer, sheaf, crescent, line, and cascade bouquets, so it’s best to peruse a few online to get a better idea. The bridesmaids bouquets are also very important.. just don’t let them steal your thunder!

A wedding wouldn’t really be the same without flowers. Your choice of flowers is important as they should reflect your taste and personality. If they’re arranged well and look easy on the eye then they’ll provide a really nice backdrop for your special day.