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Wedding Gift Registry IdeasWedding Gift Registry Ideas

published March 13th, 2014

You’re about to marry the love of your life (unless you’re entering into an arranged marriage or a marriage of convenience, in which case hopefully you’ll grow to love them) so what more could you possibly ask for? A couple of kids maybe? Well, in due course… but they don’t come gift wrapped by a mystical stork. You knew that, right? If you didn’t know that then you probably shouldn’t be getting married until you’ve had the whole “birds and the bees” chat from your parents.

Maybe you want a dream house to live in? Maybe a luxury yacht to sail off into the sunset? Maybe you’re living in cloud cuckoo land and setting your hopes too high? Unless your friendship circle boasts an oil baron, mafia boss or Bill Gates.

So let’s be realistic here. What could you ask your family and friends to buy you that will benefit you or make your world a better place?

A kettle?


You’re really not thinking this through, and chances are you already have a kettle. In fact if you’re marrying for the first time and indeed cohabiting for the first time there’s a good chance that you have two kettles between you. Handy if you have guests over and you want to make 14 cups of coffee in one fell swoop though.

Lots of couples just write the obligatory gift registry to keep the guests from pestering them every five minutes asking what they want, so they just stick things like toaster, kettle, knives and wine glasses on the list. That or they say something cheesy like “The gift of your presence is enough!” only to be swamped with dozens of toasters because no matter how much you say “We don’t want anything” you’ll find a surprising percentage of your guests will insist on buying you something. In which case you’ll be opening a cutlery store right after your return from honeymoon.

In order to avoid that awkward moment of opening a tragic lampshade and saying “Awww, you shouldn’t have! You REALLY shouldn’t have!” you really need to think through your gift registry list. It may be that you do really need a new kettle, which is fine, but try and only list the stuff you really need - or better yet, be inventive!

Remember your gift registry doesn’t just have to be about you. How about you ask your guests to donate to a charity of your choice? That way they’ll know they’ll be making you happy AND helping out a good cause. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shelter for guinea pigs or a home for deaf and blind squirrels, giving to charity is always a good thing. Just try not to boast about it too much. That’s frowned upon.

If you’re not feeling charitable then here’s some other suggestions:

DVD or Blu-Ray boxsets. Everyone loves a good box set. Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones or perhaps a light hearted comedy series like Friends. If you haven’t seen every episode 500 times already.

Gourmet goods. For the culinary couple. Why not have a look at some speciality cooking stores and see what tickles your taste buds. Then upon opening your gift you can re-enact that famous scene from The Twilight Zone. “It’s a cook book!”

Gym equipment. If you’re both fitness freaks then you may wish to consider exercise balls, weights or running gear. Perhaps an iTunes gift card so you can load up your iPod with “Eye of the Tiger” and other motivational songs.

Grilling gear. Entertaining around the grill is a popular pastime for many couples, so if this sounds like you then maybe consider cedar planks, brush sets and grill toppers featuring on your registry list. Just don’t forget to consult the cook book.

Home-improvement tools. Keen to tackle some DIY in your marital home? Maybe you need a hammer, ladder, drill or a copious supply of nails? Just try to avoid that trip to A&E.

First aid supplies. See above.