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published May 2nd, 2014

Every bride wants to sparkle on her wedding day, and although the dress is typically the primary point of focus, it’s not the only thing that warrants close attention to detail. We’ve previously looked at wedding shoes, but now pay attention to all that glitters… jewellery.

From dainty little diamond earrings to pearls and bangles, the right amount of jewellery can make you look dazzling and oozing with sophistication on your big day… but depending on your selection you also have the potential to look rather… well, tacky.

So how much bling is suitable for you?

Tread cautiously if you’re planning on donning lots of jewellery as very few women can get away with an excess of pearls, necklaces and bangles. The last thing you want to do is saunter down the aisle looking like Mr T after a shopping trip to Tiffany and Co.

In order to carry off that chunky necklace and oversized cocktail ring you need to have a big personality to boot. Also, bear in mind that a surplus of accessories is likely to detract from your wedding dress, be rather uneasy on the eyes, and attract some unwelcome comments. For example you may be asked if you’re on commission for being a walking advertisement for Claire’s Accessories.

If you glance in the mirror and worry that you’re wearing too much bling then you probably are. You can ask a friend if it looks too much, but even if you feel the need to ask you should probably remove a few bits here and there. Especially if your friend says you look “fine” which probably translates as “really awful”. On this occasion the only feedback you want to hear are words like “Stunning”, “Radiant”, “Beautiful” or something along those lines.

If you think you can pull off wearing a lot of jewellery then your best bet is to keep it simple and ensure it’s all as similar as possible. Delicate gold chain around the wrist, a small pendant necklace and perhaps diamond stud earrings would suffice. You’d best avoid a mishmash of jewellery as it just looks like you can’t settle on anything you like.

Dressing yourself up like a Christmas tree may suit the extravagant, brash, extrovert, but if you’re more of an introverted type then perhaps the “less is more” rule is the way forward. If your wedding dress features lace or lots of heavy embroidery, it may be best to choose light pieces to compliment it, rather than overdo it.

Some brides opt to wear their hair up and don discreet earrings for their big day, but if you’re looking to keep it simple then a pair of “statement earrings” can really add the wow factor to proceedings – and there’s few more popular than Chandelier earrings. Of course if you’re wearing your hair down then you may wish to go for something like drop earrings, simple stud earrings - or no earrings.

You are advised to give your jewellery some careful consideration, and don’t just raid your jewellery box on the morning of the wedding in the hope that you find something that looks half decent. Perhaps try experimenting with different accessories a few months before your wedding as this will give you more time to perfect the right look.

Whatever you do don’t forget your wedding party. You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to find the right dresses for your bridesmaids, so take some time to accessorise them to complete the look. Keep the style consistent, but your bridesmaids should also be allowed to express their individuality. They’ll thank you for it afterwards!

Maybe you can’t decide on a look for your wedding ceremony and reception. Well if that’s the case there’s nothing stopping you from changing your look. Adopt the “classic” look when walking down the aisle and then change your jewellery for when you let your hair down at the reception. You could add some bangles and swap over your elegant earrings for something more fitting.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your nearest and dearest for advice. If your best friend is a fashionista or style guru then perhaps she can offer you some pearls of wisdom (pun intended).