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published January 26th, 2014

If there’s ever a day in your life that you most want to cherish memories of it’s almost certainly going to be your wedding day. So the photos of this day are obviously important, which is why wedding photographers can command such high fees for their services. It’s an incredibly responsible position, and not one for the faint hearted. The photographer will often need to project his or her voice in order to arrange group photos, and not be afraid to get people in line - including any unruly, screaming children who just don’t want to play ball.

If the Best Man fluffs his speech it’s likely to be forgotten about in a few weeks, but if the photographer messes up those vital shots that can never be recaptured it’s possible that a Bridezilla will haunt him for the rest of his days. 

Of course in this digital age it’s now a lot easier to escape potential disaster. There was once a time when you couldn’t tell how good a shot was until the photo had been developed, several hours (or even days) later. These days a quick glance at the screen seconds after capturing the moment will satisfy you that nobody was blinking or making “bunny ears” with their fingers behind the bride’s head. 

As the photographer’s role is so important it’s probably best if you just have one professional and their assistant. Appointing several photographers to “cover all bases” will probably result in general chaos or mass confusion with several David Bailey’s treading on each others toes. You don’t want “too many cooks” so to speak.

That’s not to say that friends and family shouldn’t take their own photos, which they undoubtedly will – on their iPhones, iPads, digital cameras… you can probably guarantee an album appearing on Facebook before the bride utters the words “I do!”.

Some of your favourite wedding photos could even be those unrehearsed, spontaneous moments taken by a nine-year-old on their mum’s phone. Having said that you don’t want to rely solely on their photographic skills - which is why it’s a good idea to employ a chief photographer and leave the main shots in their capable lens.

You may have your own thoughts about what moments the photographer should capture, but here’s a few ideas that may stoke the fires of inspiration - whether you’re getting married yourself or an amateur photographer who’s keen to venture into the world of wedding photography.

Bride’s Gown Hanging

The Bouquet

Close Up of the Rings

Mother helping with Bride’s Dress

Bride Looking at Herself in the Mirror

Bride with Her Bridesmaids

Groom with the Groomsmen

Groom’s Expression While Waiting for the Bride

The Kiss

Bride and Groom Leaving the Ceremony

Details of Favors, Menus, Centerpieces, and More

The Cake

Bride and Groom Arriving at the Reception

Bride and Groom’s First Dance

Bride Dancing With Her Father

Groom Dancing With His Mother

Guests Dancing

Bride and Groom Cutting the Cake

Newlywed’s Vehicle

Bride and Groom Leaving the Reception