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published September 16th, 2014

If you’ve recently become engaged to be married then there’s one thing you’re going to spend countless hours doing over the coming weeks and months (or even years if you’re intending to have a lengthy engagement) and that one thing is planning. You’re probably also going to be doing a lot of fretting and worrying, but let’s focus on the planning for now…

Whether you’ve opted to plan everything yourselves or you have a larger budget and would rather pay someone to do all the work for you, every wedding needs a good wedding planner. As opposed to a bad wedding planner. Bad wedding planners are out there too, but hopefully spending a few hours online doing a spot of research will help you avoid those who are “less focused” at their jobs.

This article looks at working with wedding planners and our next will explore the possibilities of DIY wedding planning…

So you’re contemplating hiring a wedding planner. Good job. Let’s look at the duties they perform and the responsibilities that come with the job.

Not only do wedding planners control the timeline but they also help manage families and their personalities throughout the day. Their services can also prove invaluable for the wedding photographer. Some families have some rather high maintenance personalities to manage! In fact some photographers will only shoot weddings that have a wedding planner at the helm. It just makes their jobs so much easier.

The best thing about hiring a wedding planner is that they help you enjoy the planning process a lot more by taking stress out of the equation. Let’s face it, you’re getting married so there’s a good chance you feel stressed already.

Of course some people may find that having more to do in the run up to the wedding actually helps combat stress, while for others even thinking about the seating arrangements makes them start hyper-ventilating. If you’re in the latter category then you may need to seriously think about hiring a wedding planner to relieve the burden.

It’s important not to over-burden yourselves. Planning a wedding is akin to plate spinning and if you already have a stressful job or your dog is taking you to the brink of sanity then you really don’t need anymore stress baggage.

A wedding planner will help you schedule meetings with vendors, attend meetings with vendors, pick out invitations and linens and basically take on board all the stuff that you don’t have time for. Remember, they’re a professional bunch so they know what to do and how to do it!

If you’re having an out-of-town wedding then hiring a wedding planner is definitely recommended. It’ll be helpful having a planner who is familiar with the location, and has probably worked with local vendors and venues on multiple occasions. They’ll also be better at organising things such as hotel accommodations, maps and directions and sightseeing things for your guests to keep themselves entertained.

Even if you have a rather “modest” budget and think that hiring a wedding planner is going to be too costly you may wish to get some quotes for their services. You’d be surprised at how much money you could actually save as a result of hiring a professional planner. They generally get you more for your money and know a few tricks of the trade. They’ll also have an existing relationship with vendors and not only will they find the best deals they’ll also give you peace of mind that you’re working with the best companies.

If you’ve done the math and simply can’t afford to hire a wedding planner for the whole wedding process then it’s perfectly acceptable to bring in a planner halfway through the process, or even just for your wedding day itself. So you still benefit from their services, but at a fraction of the cost.

Planning a wedding should be a fun experience, not something that you wake up each day dreading. So if you’re easily stressed (or simply don’t have enough hours to plan your dream wedding) then you should seriously contemplate handing the keys to that baby over to someone with a wealth of experience who is also a fountain of wedding planning knowledge.

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