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The Wedding RingThe Wedding Ring

published May 15th, 2014

The wedding ring is a prerequisite for married life and plays a huge role in the wedding ceremony. In the Western world it’s often mentioned as part of the wedding vows with the words “With this Ring I thee wed…” before it’s slipped onto the finger of the bride. The wedding ring (or band) seals the deal and is worn by the bride and groom for the rest of their lives. It symbolises love, unity, trust, dedication, loyalty and commitment… and is also a subtle way to say “I’m not available so please stop flirting with me like that!”

It should come as no surprise that wedding rings are big business, and last year over $10 million was spent on wedding and engagement rings in the US. Once a bride sees the ring of her dreams she’ll march up Mount Doom in bare feet to obtain her precious. Although if it’s an especially expensive ring she’ll probably have more chance of prising it from Gollum’s clutches than she will of her partner being able to afford it. As much as you love someone it’s not always possible to give them the wedding, ring, or honeymoon they truly desire. Affordability sometimes means you have to compromise. Welcome to married life…

So what’s as hot as a middle-earth volcano in the world of wedding rings? Here we take a look at some favourites…

White metal may be a common favourite, but yellow gold is definitely making a comeback. Possibly thanks in part to the Duchess of Cambridge, who sports a plain yellow gold wedding ring alongside her her huge sapphire engagement ring. It’s classic, simple, timeless… and certainly back in vogue.

Rose gold is also a popular choice at present. It’s warm pink tones means it looks exquisite against many different skin tones. There’s also a wide range of metals that you can combine, such as titanium and rose gold.

Vintage is one of those looks that will never go out of fashion. More and more jewellers are now creating vintage inspired designs, which gives you a wealth of choice and you can buy a brand new ring safe in the knowledge that the quality is up to scratch. Vintage inspired rings are meticulously designed and just as beautiful as their predecessors.

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, so eternity bands (a narrow band with diamonds) are a great choice because they provide the maximum amount of shine and can be worn together with the engagement ring or alone.

Shaped/curved wedding rings are also now very fashionable as brides like their wedding ring to sit comfortably with their engagement ring. With many choices available you can now create a seamless pairing.

Now you have your ring how do you wear it? Well, “on your finger” may be a good start… but there are various ways of wearing a wedding ring and it’s not always a simple case of slipping it on your finger.

Most brides wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand. This possibly derives from an ancient Rome belief that the left hand is closer to the heart. Although in some places (Germany for example) the ring is usually worn on the right ring finger, not the left. The origins of this method are not known, but it’s not because the wearers heart is on the right hand side of their body.

You can also slide your wedding ring onto your ring finger then slide your engagement ring onto the same finger, so it’s flush against the wedding ring. It’s really a personal choice of what goes on the finger first but it works best if both rings are plain. Ornamented rings on the same finger can look a bit much.

Of course you may not want to wear the ring on your finger at all. If you have swollen fingers or you really don’t like wearing rings you could wear it around your neck and keep it close to your heart.