RSVP Control Panel

RSVP Management

Use our comprehensive and easy RSVP management tool to collect RSVP's from your invited guests quickly and efficiently.

Imagine receiving most of your wedding RSVP's to multiple events in just a few days – WedMeDo has made it possible and we offer this service for free.

You can also integrate your RSVP Manager with your wedding website, even if it's not a WedMeDo wedding website - more details

Main Features

  • Easy, intuitive set up with a step-by-step wizard to get you going

  • Easy integration of the guest RSVP page with a wedding website, if you have one (any website from any website provider)

  • Easy to use and effective RSVP management dashboard with summaries of attendance for each event and meal selections

  • Color-coded tracking of attendance and meal selection at the guest level

  • Unlimited number of guests

  • Up to 5 wedding events - easily set up and track who is invited to which event

  • Offer up to 5 meal choices to your guests in your RSVP request.

  • We have a "Lead Guest" set up for easy RSVP management. A guest can either be set up to RSVP just for themselves or can RSVP for a group of people. For example, if you invite a father, mother and two children, the father can be designated as the Lead Guest. As the Lead Guest, he will RSVP on behalf of his wife and his two children. One email, one guest login and one person to chase for the entire group's RSVP's!

  • Send or resend RSVP customizable request emails to one or all guests with the click of a button.

  • Automatically track who has received RSVP request emails (lead guest acknowledges receipt of the email)

  • Password controlled at the Lead Guest level, so you won't have uninvited guests clogging up your RSVP inbox.

  • RSVP reports sent straight to your email inbox on a regular basis - you choose the frequency.

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