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published March 30th, 2014

The Internet may be a fountain of knowledge but it’s also awash with a lot of nonsense, so when you look up “wedding myths and traditions” it’s best to take everything you read with a large pinch of salt. Let’s face it, wearing something old, borrowed or blue on your wedding day won’t make your day (or even your marriage) run anymore smoothly than if you choose to wear something new, borrowed and purple with white dots.

There are several conflicting answers to the question “Does rain on your wedding day have any meaning?”. According to some sources rain on your wedding day means you will be childless and experience many tears in your miserable future together.

Whoever dreamed up that one was a regular ray of sunshine, and clearly not someone you’d want to invite to your wedding!

Another theory suggests that rain means “good fortune” on your wedding day, so take your pick from those two.

The real answer is that rain on your wedding day means the condensed moisture of the atmosphere is falling visibly in separate drops. So put simply, it means you’re going to get wet. That’s pretty much it. There’s thousands of people getting married everyday at various locations across the world, so if rain was to cease especially for your wedding day the human race would soon become extinct.

Don’t forget that your wedding day is not the centre of world events that day, but only the centre of events in your own personal world. Rain on your wedding day might make you miserable, but the rain dancing class across the street are probably overjoyed.

While rain showers on your wedding day are usually frowned upon, they’re not to be confused with wedding showers, which are something else entirely. Wedding (or bridal) showers are gift-giving parties for couples about to get married. These showers are usually co-ordinated for the bride by the maid of honour or close friends and guests traditionally “shower” the bride-to-be with gifts (not literally as a toaster falling on your head could be painful) that will help the happy couple establish a home together once they’ve tied the knot.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of this tradition but there are many theories. One folklore tale suggests that many moons ago a young Dutch girl fell in love with a poor village miller. The girl’s father wasn’t best pleased with this relationship and refused to give her dowry (the transfer of parental property to a daughter as an inheritance at her marriage). Neighbours were up in arms about this and rallied together to give her gifts as her dowry. The miller was then able to marry his one true love… and they lived happily ever after.

That may be true, or it may be an elaborate fairytale - take your pick.

During Victorian times presents were offered in a parasol (light umbrella designed to give shade from the sun) so that’s where the term “shower” stems from.

Today’s bridal showers have veered off the beaten path a little and tend to be more about toasting the happy couple with a party featuring lots of fun and games. Gifts are still given but they’re generally not the main focus as these days more and more couples are living together and setting up home before they wed. The wedding gift registry also takes care of any necessities they might need.

There are many variations of a wedding/bridal shower from all over the world, such as the kitchen tea or hen party, while “power showers” tend to focus on the groom, who is showered with gadgets and manly things, while enjoying a round of golf, a poker night or a visit to another “man focused” establishment that the bride might not be too pleased about.

Whatever the shower or party consist of it’s primary focus should always be celebrating the happy union of two people. These events should be a celebration of love, life and friendship. If your shower doesn’t feature a shower of gifts that doesn’t really matter, but it should always feature a great big cheesy shower of attention and good wishes.

Just be mindful of hosting the party outside. It might rain. A rain shower on your bridal shower? We’re not even sure if the Internet has an answer for that one.

The implications could be staggering!