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Get Me to the Church in StyleGet Me to the Church in Style

published October 7th, 2013

With its pretty ribbon on the bonnet, "Just Married" sign and an array of tin cans tied to the exhaust pipe, the vintage wedding car has become a staple of modern weddings – and one that dates back over 100 years. However if you'd like to add some adventure to your wedding day then there are a number of rather "quirky" alternatives you may wish to take into consideration.

Maybe the thought of a double decker bus appeals to you? This could also be used as transportation for your guests from the ceremony location to the reception venue. It could even double as a party bus for some fun and frivolity en route. Or continuing in the vintage theme, maybe something less gaudy like a retro wedding car or camper van?

There's a multitude of alternatives if you care to look around. A bridal Bond car, a rockstar wedding limo, or even a motorbike and sidecar if you're feeling really brave and outlandish.

Of course, arriving by land is the most common way of reaching your wedding venue, but it's not the only way. If your venue (and budget) permits then arriving by sea, river or air could be viable options.

Yes, you could really push the boat out and arrive by helicopter or hot air balloon (light aircraft may be taking things a bit too far - and submarine? Don't even go there). The views will be breathtaking, the photos will be magical, and one thing's for sure - you won't get stuck in traffic or run the risk of some clown tying cans to your exhaust pipe.

However, if you suffer from acrophobia, aerophobia or other phobias involving heights and wide open spaces then perhaps flying/floating to your wedding won't get your married life off to the best start. So why not literally push the boat out by taking a river boat to your desired location. Of course this is only viable if your wedding venue is close to water. It won't look quite so attractive on the back of a yellow tow truck.

Finally, if you're feeling environmentally friendly then what could be more romantic than a tandem? Although you may wish to employ a back up plan in case the weather doesn't play fair. The mud soaked, drowned rat look isn't really in this season.

Source: Confetti.co.uk. Image by albertpalmerphotography.com