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Variations on a ThemeVariations on a Theme

published October 15th, 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, couples are now busy planning their weddings for 2014. Here we focus on a few themes that could be all the rage over the next twelve months.

Whether you’re planning a festive winter wedding or an outdoor summer spectacular there’s a multitude of wedding collections to give you inspiration. Colours “in vogue” at the moment include rich, regal chocolate-box purples, warm coffee colors and bright citrus shades. While themes to consider are romantic butterfly, love-bird or perhaps a vintage or retro celebration.

Of course it all depends on personal taste, but if you’re a bride who favors bold colors over pastels then perhaps a “dramatic” theme is the one for you.

A “Dramatic” venue to consider could be somewhere theatrical or unusual, with high ceilings, striking windows or a roaring open fire.

If you want to make a bold statement then you could go with an over-sized floral decoration; Decorate the ceilings with hanging ribbons, beads or crystals. Coloured lighting will dazzle, while a firework finale will finish proceedings with a dramatic bang.

Bold and dramatic not for you? You may wish to consider “Symbolic”.

A simple lighting of candles would be effective, but you could also pour sand if you want something really visually interesting. During a sand ceremony the bride and groom take it in turns to pour colored sand into a keepsake glass vase to symbolize the joining of two people, two families and the unity of their coming together.

A beach or cliff-top venue are ideal locations for a symbolic sand wedding, while Chinese lanterns would be the icing on the proverbial cake.

Or perhaps you want to think outside the box? In that case perhaps a “quirky” wedding is the one for you.

The problem with “quirky” weddings is that you’re in danger of it becoming a “novelty” wedding, and grimacing through your photos in five years wondering what possessed you to do such a thing. “But it looked so great on paper!”

So dressing up as The Flintstones may look great inside your head but it may not translate too well in real life. Instead maybe you could add subtle details or have an unusual theme to reflect your own style. Art Deco, the 1920s, or even a Rock n Roll 1950s theme.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to “quirky” venues - football pitch, the zoo, farm, the Hard Rock Cafe - so just go with whatever you’re most comfortable with.

The addition of unusual vibrant coloured bridal shoes, a striking headdress or personalized signs to direct guests at each venue would be nice touches. Personalized ‘cake toppers’ can be found for every couple and the final detail is the pretty ‘inside out cake’ which is cut open to reveal a decorative coloured or shaped sponge inside.

Image: www.douglasfry.com