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Wedding Video TipsWedding Video Tips

published March 20th, 2014

Planning a wedding is no simple task, therefore it’s highly recommended that you hire a wedding planner to ensure proceedings run smoothly. Wedding planners are generally very meticulous and plan your day right down to the last detail. Remember they’ve probably planned countless weddings, so they’re very unlikely to miss anything major, and will even take care of those seemingly minor details that hadn’t even crossed your (stressed) mind.

For example you’ve probably already looked a hundreds of wedding dresses, cakes, rings, bridesmaids dresses, and maybe even assigned a photographer, but have you thought about hiring a videographer to capture the moment on film?

Sure you can assign this task to a member of your wedding party, but how much experience have they had behind a camera? If their name is Steven Spielberg, James Cameron or Alfred Hitchcock then fine, you’re probably in safe hands. Failing that you may wish to glance at some of their previous work to get an idea of their “directorial skills”. You really don’t want to be watching your wedding video from behind a cushion in fear of whose head will be chopped off next, or listen in horror at the children screaming over your wedding vows. “What do you mean the mic was pointed in the wrong direction?”

Actually if your videographers name is Alfred Hitchcock then you should still examine his back catalogue as Hitchcock (the film director) has been dead for 35 years, so it won’t be the real McCoy… even if he is bald and chubby and demands to make a cameo appearance in your wedding video!

You should even vet experienced video makers. They may be able to create a visual masterpiece that will be the centrepiece of your wedding website, but have they ever handled a wedding before? The last thing you need is some budding Tim Burton wannabe coming along and creating a gothic fairytale, or a George Lucas pretender tinkering with it for months afterwards and ruining everything by adding countless, tedious CGI shots. While David Lynch might make a good movie, but would you put him in charge of your wedding video?

Don’t skimp on the cost. Asking your friends if they know a “cheap videographer” really isn’t the way forward. You’ll find hundreds of “cheap” videographers and most of these don’t charge much because their work is dreadful. If you want a professional looking wedding video then you’re going to have to pay for it. That’s the bottom line.

An experienced videographer will also be a dab hand in the editing room, and the vows won’t sound like they were repeated by the bride and groom with buckets over their heads as they’ll have microphones positioned above their heads – and out of camera shot. The consummate professional will also have an ample supply of spare batteries, back-up cameras and a contingency plan if the weather decides not to play ball.

Take your videographer for coffee, get to know them, and make sure you get across your ideas of what you want. As the bride and groom you’re the directors, this production is all about you and your big day. At the same time listen to the advice of the video maker, they’ve done this before so they know what works and what doesn’t. The bride descending from the top of the church sporting angel wings may sound like a good idea in your head, but that’s where the idea should remain - in your head.

You may want an arial shot of the church and then have the camera sweeping down majestically, revealing the interior of the church… but did you book the crane and the helicopter? Probably not.

In summery the most important bits of advice on booking a videographer are 1) Have one. You’ll most likely regret not employing their services at a later date. 2) Don’t spare the expense by hiring a novice or amateur or someone willing to work for free. 3) Make a storyboard of your ideas and listen to the advice of the professional. 4) Keep it simple.

Your wedding video doesn’t need to be The Lord of the Rings, but nor should it be Plan 9 from Outer Space. It should be a beautiful keepsake of your big day and something that can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends for many years to come.