What our clients say about us.....


quotesWords cannot express the gratitude my fiance and I feel towards you. You guys have been nothing but professional, and you answered every question and calmed every potential fear. closeWith your help, we were able to design a website that exceeded our expectations. We appreciate everything you guys did for us, and were such a pleasure to work with, saying thank you is the least we can do to show our gratitude.Desire

quotesWe were so impressed with our friends' wedding website we decided to track down who did the hard work. It led us to Wed Me Do and we could not be happier! The tool is so easy, our site was actually really fun to build. I am not very technology savvy, and was so very pleased with the customer service. Whenever I had questions, the response time was very quick and answers were always helpful. Besides easily getting the necessary logistics information to our guests, we really love the photo albums. close What a great way for people to "get to know" the wedding party and the other family. We have received constant compliments since spreading the word about our fabulous website! Thanks for everything!Jenna

quotesThe decision to go with the wedmedo template was easy. They came highly recommended by a few friends who had used them before. The template is super easy to use, reasonably priced, and the technical support is awesome. close Even with the UK/U.S. difference in time, we never had to wait more than a few hours for a response to any question (regardless of what day of the week it was). We HIGHLY recommend wedmedo - Our guests love it and so do we! Bolanle & Dayo

quotesI searched high and low for the perfect site for all our wedding details. I certainly wanted something more than a static wedding site that I often see. As a graphic designer I would have loved to design my own site, but with my busy schedule we needed to get everything posted. When I found wedmedo.com I loved how you could customize the pages in an easy, yet still creative way. You can easily save placeholders/"hide" pages for when you are ready to update-our information updated in phases and this feature was helpful. I especially like the flash integration that adds flare I hadn't seen on another site.

The tech support is also super responsive. Although I am based in California and wedmedo is in the UK, if I had closequestions or concerns they got back to me within 24 hours and were always willing to assist me to achieve my goals. I certainly recommend anyone who's getting married to set up their page with this site. Well done!Alisha & Avinash

quotesI had been looking for a wedding website where I could showcase some good times Deepak and I had spent prior to the wedding and also give important information regarding the venue etc. Most of the websites had very boring formats with very few choices of background templates. As soon as I landed on wedmedo, I knew this would be it! They gave me an option to customize every page of the website, had a good basic skeleton in place, they have a huge image library and got me the web address I wanted. It was veryclose user friendly and we could upload 3 different songs on the site!!!!! All of our friends absolutely LOVVVVVED the website and needless to say we were delighted. Thanks a million to wedmedo...5 stars! Chitra & Deepak

quotesFor the record, my husband and I are ABSOLUTELY thrilled by the service you have provided! Our website is amazing and the feedback we received was incredible! Roger provided us with excellentclose customer service and speedy results! I will definately use the feedback form to express our utmost satisfaction! You have truly exceeded our expectations. Thanks so much!!!! Leahna & Earl

quotesIf you are looking for a wedding wedding with Flash technology, this is the site for you. Wedmedo.com allows you all of the customization that you want in a custom website, minus the frustration and expense. Wedmedo.com is intuitive and allows you to customize to your heart's close content. Our friends raved at how unique and helpful our website is. We even have friends using Wedmedo.com for their wedding websites. Wedmedo.com is really the only way to go when it comes to wedding websites.Tiffany & Michael

quotesAfter searching for hours in our selection process for a wedding website company, I can definitively say that I chose the best one in WedMeDo. Not only are the templates wonderfully designed, but they are unique. They stand out amongst the countless other wedding websites, which is what I was really looking for. Only until I came across an issue is when I found out they also had impeccable customer closeservice. Our names where not properly centered on the screen so I emailed the help-desk. Literally within 30 minutes a representative fixed the problem! This is the kind of service that you expect from every company, and you get it with WedMeDo. Avinash

quotesWe just recently came across the wedmedo website while searching for a site to create our wedding website. I must say, from what we have evaluated, wedmedo is leagues above other sites for the quality of templates and for the price. We were able to get our domain up and running within 24 hours of submitting the payment.We are very excited about our wedding website and we have been getting rave reviewsclose from our family and friends. I would highly recommend this site for anyone looking to create a wedding website. The templates are really nice and configuration was a breeze! Great Job guys! Tony and Femia

quotesMy expectations with WedmeDo were not only satisfied, but exceeded! I was happy to have an original wedding website, where we were able to personalize absolutely everything. The templates are great and it was very easy to upload our information, photos and music. I also loved that everytime someone posted a comment on the guestbook or confirmed their assistance we were immediately notified. closeFurthermore, customer and technical support were also perfect and quick. It is already three months since our wedding and we keep receiving good comments about it! Now we have a DVD of our website since we had to have that memory forever! Fabiola

quotesWhere do I start? I searched all over and looked at many different wedding websites to decide which one to use and Wedmedo is by far the best. The designs are beautiful, and you can customize everything to your personal style. It's nice to have our own domain name and some nice flash graphics, we also are able to upload songs. Our website is in French and German and we asked many times closecustom changes, they were able to change them immediately. We received many compliments on it. People who work there are helpful and nice! I recommend it to everyone! A big thank you to the wedmedo team!Pamela & Simon

quotesYou are THE BEST. I have little if any "website" experience and your service made it so easy and my site is waaay more impressive than any I have seen! You made me look really good/smart! Because I closehave little to no experience, I did have to ask tech support lots of questions..and not only did you have understandable responses and solutions, they were quick! My experience with Wed Me Do continues to be a fabulous one!Robin Phillips

quotesAfter doing a fair amount of research on various wedding websites I decided to go with Wedmedo.com. They have a great price which includes your own domain name. The flash templates are amazing and they make it very easy to upload new content. I even asked for a few custom closechanges and they were able to make the changes within a few days time. Everything from the product to customer and technical support has been great. Thanks wedmedo.com you made planning our wedding so much easier.Sundeep Zaveri

quotesWhen we decided to announce our weding to all our friends, we were looking for a website that had some unique feel to it . Wedmedo.com was exactly the kind of website that provided us with what we wanted. We loved the way how we could customize our website to our taste. We received lot of compliments for the design of the website alone. If answering questions about our wedding was one part of the ceremony, answering about the website was another.

The support extended by the Wedmedo.com team was great. There was never a time that they had not replied to us in less than 10 hours considering we are in US and they in UK. Overall, the service has been remarkable and I closewould definitely recommend anyone wanting to host their events. The website will definitely add that extra bit of grandiose to our special days. Thank you Team Wedmedo ! Chandrika & Vivek

quotesWe spent hours and even days looking for a perfect wedding website. We wanted something which had flash graphics but at the same time something we could customize and truly make our own. Wedmedo turned out to be our solution.

Several people have mentioned "how easy to use the design studio is" or " how great their pages look with flash" I have to say though for us the best bit was Roger and the customer service. When Roger first told us that they didn't have a telephone service, I was a little skeptical but as I soon realized there was no need for it. Our emails were answered inside 12 hours. Being in Dubai I would receive answers and solutions to my problem during the day (I sheer to think what time at night Roger would be writing them). In one particular circumstance, we had 4 or 5 emails exchanged in the matter of 5 minutes. It was like chatting with some one.

I would definitely recommend wedmedo.com to people. If you are happy to put in a little bit of work to do a good closewebsite, the wedmedo team will do everything else to make it a great website! Thanks guys!Kunal & Shradha

quotesMy experience with wedmedo was fantastic. The design studio was pretty easy to use and the end result was a wedding website like none other. It does take a little sweat equity on your part to get a great website, so I would suggest, if you don't have the time, to use wedmedo's services and allow them to design the site for you. However, the budget-friendly option of designing your own site gives you fantastic closeresults! We got so many compliments and our guests were excited to read our website rather than glance over it, like other websites. It kept our guests informed so I didn't have to personally answer a lot of questions about the wedding details. Great experience! Would definitely recommend.Leah Channer

quotesWe spent weeks trying to find the best place to host information about our wedding. One requirement was that we wanted it to be “different” and “to make a statement.” We wanted to have our own platform to build a template, but we did not want to do it from scratch either. Wedmedo.com was our perfect solution, and it came at the right time. We were able to personalize what we wanted to show the world and it was a beautiful experience. One thing we’d like to emphasize on is the excellent customer service. It’s not easy being on the receiving end of a bride and groom’s numerous requests, but the customer service for wedmedo.com wasclose very responsive, timely, and generous with their answers. Our friends and family loved our wedding website and they said so in our guestbook. We’re thrilled and happy we found this service.Erere & Shola

quotesWe are very happy with so many compliments we have received about the website from the guests of our wedding! Some have never seen such a wedding feature before and were absolutely astonished about the look, the music, and the benefit of having such an informative portal. The Flash feature makes the website look highly professional. But most importantly, the Wedmedo team have exceeded our expectations. There hasn't been a time when our email wasn't answered within half a day, and special requests closehave been dealt with without any hesitation. We would recommend Wedmedo to any couple who wants to work with friendly and efficient web-designers, and have an easy-to-use and stress-free website experience. Highly recommended! Nataliya & Mike

quotesWedMeDo.com was exactly what we wanted for our wedding website + deserves high praise for its wedding website builder. Not only do they offer extremely attractive templates, but are very easy to navigate. Whenever we had a question, friendly help was just an email away. We especially like the closeability to provide links to places so our guests can plan accordingly. Being able to upload our own song selections + the flash graphics is our favorite part. Everyone is so impressed with the site and the compliments keep on coming!Josh & Jenn

quotesWe really enjoyed having our wedding website as did our friends and family that viewed it! It far closesurpassed any other wedding websites we have seen and added to the beauty of our wedding day. Elisa

quotesI was looking for cool websites for our wedding and found on google WedMeDo. I had never heard of them before but I liked the fact that you could have a trial period and design your own website so I gave it a go. It was extremely user friendly and I was impressed by the service. WedmeDo staff (people?) were very friendly and extremely professional. I have asked for help and they have always been there forclose me. We have received so many compliments from our guests about our website and I am looking forward to our wedding in May...2 months to go! I have recommened the website to all my friends!"Sandra, London

quotesFor me was a pleasure to do my wedpage with Wedmedo, I had a little affraid because WedMeDo was only on English amb I'm from Spain. Althought this was a problem, the design in flash it's very beautiful so I decided to have a trial version, and for my surprise when I logon with my account, I found a powerful design studio with a lot of functions when I could change everything, the music, menus, texts, etc. But I found another problem, the accents and ñ character don't show in webpage, and I decided to ask the technical support. Well, I can't say anything more that thank you for this technical support, they found a sollution for my problem and from the first moment he says that if they can't find the sollution they return my money.

Finally some progam buttons and flash animations was in English but there's no problem, I send the translation and they translate this. The answer's time was less than a day. And the best Wedmedo is cheaper that another closewebpage with static dessign and offer a .com domain in the price. I have only a word, spectacular. Thank you so much." I'm very happy with my web and I want to thank you for all your effort.Iván & Susana

quotesAs a wedding photographer, I had to step it up for my own wedding. I must've looked at over 30 wedding templates and signed up for 5 different wedding sites. However, I was not satisfied with the quality they offered and to be honest, they looked a bit "cheesy" although some were free.

I chose WEDMEDO.com because it offered the most professional looking "do-it-yourself" website. I wanted my invitations to match my website. I also chose them because I was able to customize my name and my fiancee's so my guests could remember how to locate our site better on the web. I've been very happy and have gotten so many wonderful feedback from my friends and family. They thought a professional web-designer did it. They also thought I spent a small fortune. The customer service is outstanding, as I did have some questions, but they were immediately answered and in a nice and professional manner.

We are also a ecological conscious couple, so we decided to put our money into a beautiful website then RSVP cards and stamps. It has truly paid off. We are able to make last min. changes easily (regarding our wedding plans), my elderly relatives that aren't able to come had a nice visual, and the RSVP attendees list is nicely organized for you.... just print out and give to your wedding planner!

Overall, in the future, I will be referring my own client's to this site. I've been very pleased and love how my closeengagement pictures and wedding invitation comes to life for all of my friends and family to see. Soon-to-be "Lauberts"

quotesMy gosh, there are about a million things I could say, but I'll keep it "short" and professional. Roger was an amazing help from the start, and my fiance and I love our site!

Searching for a wedding website host seemed an almost impossible task. Six “free trials” and not one seemed to offer all the features we actually needed. We came across the WedMeDo site of another couple, and were absolutely impressed with the look, layout and design! Planning a destination wedding, we had several special requests; and with an impressively prompt response from the WedMeDo staff, our decision was made! WedMeDo offers everything we need: Ease of use and functionality; exceptional customer service with quick turnaround on special requests for customization; reasonable pricing; and best of all, our personally chosen domain name and an attractive Flash site that looks professionally done! It was refreshing to work with such professionals as the closeWedMeDo customer service and technical support teams. We have received countless compliments on how wonderful our site looks, and are proud to share it with our family and friends. Scott & Kimberly

quotesI wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate your services. The planning process for our wedding began very quickly, and with so many expected out-of-town guests, we knew that a wedding website was essential as a part of that process. After researching several companies, I came across wedmedo.com and fell in love with the options available. I love the fact that it is a flash media website that allows you to customize any way you’d like. It allows for the bride and groom to truly personalize their site without worrying about color, theme, or basically any restrictions.

I also love the price of a wedmedo.com website! No other companies compared to the quality and cost that wedmedo offers. Perhaps the most important thing to us was the customer service. We were not sure how the customer service would be since the company is based overseas, but we quickly came to find that customer service is probably one of the best attributes of the company! I am able to email the support team from Philadelphia and get a response in minutes, and there is no question that goes unanswered or any issue that goes unresolved! Wedmedo has proven to me that they put their customers first, and I’m very happy that I found them! I will be sure to recommend wedmedo to all of my friends.close

PS- Roger is the best! John & Veronica

quotesWedmedo has changed the way how people design their wedding websites, they have great wedding website templates and a user friendly design studio. Amazing cutomer service and support, Wedmedo completely exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommends anyone to use closeWedmedo for their wedding website. What you get from Wedmedo is a better looking wedding website without breaking your pockets. Meck & Ninon

quotesWedmedo is one of the best website host out there..not only is it affordable but the service is fast and reliable. Its easy to design and I didn't experience any frustrating technical difficulty like some other closesites. I had a question and as soon as I sent their customer service an email, I got a reply like right away and my question was answered to my satisfaction. I will definitely recommend wedmedo to anyone. Temi & Funmi

quotesAfter searching many wedding website companies, WedMeDo seemed the most advanced and easy to operate. Their customer service was always friendly and helpful when we had questions. Any changes or updates I needed to make to our site could be done easily using the website design closestudio. Most of all we really liked the design layout and flash features over and above any other wedding website company....and so have our guests! Brad & Katie

quotesWedMeDo.com was so easy to use to build my wedding website! The free trial offer allowed me to see how easy it was to design and manage the site and the price to buy my domain was very reasonable considering I will have it until way after the wedding! I am not a very tech-savvy person, bucloset I was able to create our website on my own using WedMeDo without anyone’s help! I love it and have received several compliments on how classy the site looks. Thanks WedMeDo!Chuck & Katie

quotesWe were amazed at how quick and easy it was to start our own wedding website with wedmedo! It only took us half a day to complete and looked professional and contemporary. Technical support were fast, friendly and understood exactly what we needed, however the design studio was very user friendly and didn't need much help from technical support. Many of our friends commented on how lovely our website was too, little did they know it was a half day job!

Features wise, the RSVP saved us so much time in keeping track of numbers and our personalised closeweb address was a bonus too! Thank you wedmedo for helping us make our wedding website special!Rupesh & Avani

quotesI cannot reccomend wedmedo enough. I am totally computer illiterate, but my wedding website turned out fantastic. Their very personal customer service made it all possible. They were there any time closenight or day to answer my many questions. My family and friends are very impressed. We get compliments on it all the time. Major thanks to the guys at wedmedo who made it all possible. Cheers!Patrick and Victoria Schiller, Washington, DC

quotesWe spent a long time finding the right wedding website and we are so glad we found wedmedo. Wedmedo has to be the easiest way to create a professional, clear and easily navigable site for yourclose wedding. We were able to get our site up and running in under 30mins which was amazing! The service is superb too with a really hands on assistance, and the Roger can't do enough to assist you!Helena & Paul

quotesWedMeDo has made making our wedding website easy and fun to do. We did not want to make a standard wedding site and had a lot of customizations in mind. The technical support of WedMeDo was very receptive and accommodating, to the point where changes were made the same day. If youclose want a cool and innovative flash website, I would highly WedMeDo. I've received a lot of compliments on the site put together. Dhara & Karan

quotesWeMeDo.com struck me as a non-traditional wedding website hosting service. All of the others are expensive, limiting, and just wasn't what I was looking for. Initially, the website pulled me in with it's amazing price and once I saw a sample web page, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. WedMeDo is not a huge organization out to make a quick dollar- they are personalized and have helped me through every question and have helped me personalize every step (when I need it). The personalization of the site has been soclose simple and I am no web designer! I was able to add songs, personal backgrounds and create my own pages-- all on my own. This is the perfect hosting site to tell the world about your BIG DAY! Ryan & Lorna

quotesWedMeDo.com is a unique product and post extensive research, I can safely say there is not an equivalent product on the market. I have been using their services for well over a year now and intend to become a life client.

When I was initially searching for a supplier of a spectacular Wedding Website, I came across many different products, most of which were HTML based and very un-dynamic. WedMeDo.com are exactly the opposite, offering stunning Flash animated websites. What I particularly love about their product, is the ability for the user to build the website themselves, thus offering total control for the initial build and subsequent updates; all at no extra cost! The customization options are extensive and it is possible to create a website that is totally unique. Without being to specific, our wedding cost the equivalent of many celebrity weddings and as such, I wanted a website that reflected the class and glamour of this very special event; only WedMeDo.com could offer such a product!

Post our wedding, I have now purchased additional websites to detail our film, premiere and life; the websites integrate so well together.

In particular, if you are an advanced user, WedMeDo.com go the extra mile to offer total customization, integrating with the services of your existing Domain Registrar and even supporting redirection from sub-domains; no other supplier offers such a seamless product.

My Wife and I have received countless praise regarding our Wedding Website and I am sure there is more to come with the forthcoming release of our new websites; it just makes your wedding so special and the build-up of anticipation amongst your guests that much greater!

Finally, I must mention their level of support. In short, it is absolutely outstanding! I have never come across such professional, courteous and express support as provided by Roger at WedMeDo.com; many customizations are completed within an hour of submitting a request!close

In summary, whatever your websites needs, WedMeDo.com is the supplier for you! Massy & Ross

quotesWe were looking for easy and user-friendly options (preferably in Flash) to design our wedding web site and we've been very lucky to find Wedmedo. First of all, it allows a complete customisation of the website by oneself in an easy and pretty way! And very important for us, the customer service providedclose by wedmedo has been excellent, with very prompt answers and very flexible in providing support. The result: all our guests are impressed and we strongly recommend Wedmedo! Michael & Mercedes

quotesMy fiance and I are very happy that we selected WedMeDo.com to create and host our wedding website. We wanted something fun, creative and modern and the templates offered by WedMeDo.com had the look that we wanted. With the free trial, we recognized that the tools to create the site are very easy to work with, and we have since received a number of compliments from friends and family saying our site is very easy to use and fun to click through. The staff at WedMeDo.com are very easy to work with; closevery responsive and are willing to make changes to the site as needed to enhance certain functionality. We are very very happy, and highly recommend WedMeDo.comJohn & Carolyn

quotesAfter researching many wedding websites, we found WedMeDo.com and knew instantly it would be a great fit. We wanted our guests to have a "wow" feeling when they browsed the site and, looking at the samples, we couldn't help but to think "wow, amazing" over and over again. The design interface is quite simple to use and the team at WedMeDo is extremely responsive, offering techinical support responses within 24 hours. They even added additional features/text that we needed without a problem, and we were able to use our own personalized domain name. We love the flash portion of the site with the ability to play multiple songs and photo albums. It really is a great way for our guests to learn a little more about us as a couple and as well as remember important wedding event details.

We launched our site about 2 months ago and have been receiving nothing but rave reviews - a lot of "WOWS" which is what we wanted! Many guests have asked which company we used to professionally create the site andclose are shocked to learn we did it ourselves with the help of WedMeDo. We have been told we "raised the bar" for wedding websites and asked if we minded if they used the same site. We could not be any happier with our wedding website and are truly thankful to WedMeDo!Joseph & Laurie

quotesWhen we were looking at sample wedding websites, we saw many different types and looks. But I was really impressed by a flash website that was done by weddingorg.com, and I knew that was the look I wanted. Unfortunately, after visiting their website, and looking through their templates, I discovered that their price which was around $500 was way beyond our budget of $200. My goal was then to get a computer savvy friend to recreate that look for us. I tried a number of my friends who made websites, and they all did their best, but were just not able to put it together. They all said making a flash was ridiculously hard, and it probably would take about 3 months, but we wanted the site up in about 1 week.

A few weeks after much thinking about what to do, a friend told me about Wedmedo.com. I was so elated after visiting the site, because they had the exact template I had been trying to recreate all along at an unbelievable price of $59. It was even less than I had paid to buy my domain name, and Wedmedo’s price had a domain name of your choice included for free in addition to their incredible software.

Literally minutes after seeing the template, I started working on their incredibly easy to use software, and because I had a good idea of what I wanted our site to look like, our website was up by the next day.

The staff at Wedmedo are also exceptional. They were amazingly quick to answer questions even on weekends, which was a surprise. They were so helpful at every step of the way, from transferring my domain name to theirs and trouble shooting. They were never tired of my million questions, and their software is so easy to use, a caveman can do it. I am so happy I found Wedmedo.

It still amazes me that they charge only $59 for their services, which is worth much more than that. I’ll recommend this site to all my friends who are getting married, as I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been told about it. We have gotten so many great compliments about how beautiful our website is, and we haven’t even sent out the closelink officially, and I have nobody but Wedmedo to thank for that. I would highly, I repeat highly recommend Wedmedo to any couple working on their wedding website. Thank you so much Wedmedo team.Toyin & Seun

quotesWe tested and tried many many wedding website services and wedmedo.com stood out most among all of them. The features are easy to use and the results are very elegant and classy looking - which is what we were looking for. On top of that, the price for its service was very reasonable! Our friends and family are very impressed with the website and many have also mentioned how beautiful it looks and how much they love the site. It's always great to receive compliments and acknowledgements on our website which we worked on ourselves.

The best part so far is the CUSTOMER SERVICE! If I had a question or if I wanted to customize the website in a way that was not available online, I'll just send an email to customer support and within 24 hours, I'd get a response. Wedmedo.com's customer support, specifically Roger, has helped us customize our website to our hearts' desire and was patient with our many asks and questions. I am very happy with this service and was closesuper impressed at how far the customer support would go to provide for what we wanted on our website! Thanks! Jeremy & Shirlene

quotesWedMeDo is how wedding should be done in 21st century and they are simply the best wedding website provider on the internet! The site contains cool, attractive design, rich features, and we think best of all very responsive and accommodating support! They even went the extra mile and help us performed minor customization to cater to my needs. Our guests all over the world were very impressed by howclose
incredible the site looks and blow away by how we had pull it off in such short time, but most important of all, we LOVE the site and was very happy with the result! Thanks again for your help! Peter & Dawn

quotesRoger, To say the website has been a hit is an understatement. I have gotten continuous kudos closeregarding how slick it is, THANKS AGAIN FOR THE KUDOS. You've made me look good!

quotesAfter much research we concluded that Wedmedo provided by far the best service offering for our wedding website. Their feature-rich system allows for quick set up of highly customized and attractive flash website for the event. The customer support has been extremely responsive and helpful -- offering tips, resolving problems and even implementing new features. Many of our guests commented on beingclose impressed with our site and finding it useful for communicating with us and learning more information about our big day. Thanks! Marsha & Oleg

quotesWe tried a few of the free wedding website providers, but they were all missing something that we really wanted for our own website. Wed Me Do provided a good variety of pages, music with 3 different song choices and it is very easy to create and amend your website. If we had any technical problems whilst creating the website, we found the guys at Wed Me Do to be very helpful and easily accessible. You will end up with a beautiful website and a very reasonable price!close

We have received so many compliments on our website and we would thoroughly recommended any couple to create their wedding website with Web Me Do!Kizzy & Glen

quotesThe WedMeDo process has been so much fun and so easy. I didn't have to rely on some fancy web design person to build us a functioning and good looking flash website. It's been so convenient to just upload our favorite pictures and music and we can even password protect it as we work on it. We are really excited to share such a good quality website with our friends and family. We'll probably even update our membership so we can post some of the wedding photos up later on. To many people the wedding website is a new concept and probably even a minor detail. But it's become almost a necessity today. It's a great way to be closeeco-friendly and save on invites! And it's a creative way to update your loved ones on the happy moments in life. Thanks for making this part of the wedding planning that much easier!Aarti & Vishal

quotesWedMeDo.com has been nothing but a blessing for us. Having our wedding information on a personal webpage allowed us to inform friends and family members about our wedding and upcoming events. We are still sending out "save the date" and formal invitations, but the webpage gave people an opportunity to learn about us and our journey to our upcoming special day. The webpage is very easy to set up and if you have any problems or questions, Dave is very quick to follow up. I questioned the serviceclose being that it was not in the US, but have had nothing but a pleasant experience! Thanks for everything that you have done. Ya'll have truly made part of our journey special! God bless.Shelly & Brian

quotesHi Wedmedo Team,

Many thanks for your help last year as we pulled together a website that received rave reviews from closeour family and friends! Your responsiveness was very much appreciated. Our wedding went very well, and we are enjoying the newly-wed stage. Paul & Antoinette

quotesThe website is really easy to design. I like the way they had so many options for each page. We can upload lot of pictures and songs. The best part was the customer support. They would respond the same day and helped me in changing the format for most of the pages. It is worth the money and hasclose great customer service. I and my husband enjoyed creating and sharing our website with our friends and family. It was great fun. Santosh & Kalpana

quotesI just love what they've done with wedding websites! We so enjoyed doing our site - we can recommend it to anyone who is thinking of having a wedding website done. Their support is incredible - friendly, fast and these guys know what they're doing. Best of all, we were able to share closethis special time with our friends and family and we got so many WOWs from them - thank you Wedmedo team!!!! Pavan & Nina

quotesAs I was planning my wedding, I searched for weeks for a wedding website that allowed me flexibility to provide my wedding guests with information in a professional way. Out of all the websites I checked out, WedMeDo was by far the best. When looking at the demo wedding websites on WedMeDo, I was so impressed with flash features. The format of the website kept me engaged and excited about the information on each page. There were no other wedding websites that looked as nice as WedMeDo. The website provided guests with the information they needed in an organized format. In addition, the price was comparable to the other wedding websites if not better. It was an excellent investment that I knew my fiancé and I would be pleased with.

As we began to customize our wedding website, we appreciated all the options to choose from for backgrounds, fonts, pages, etc. I loved the fact that we could add several music tracks that had a special meaning to us. The user interface was easy for us to understand and use. If there was a time that we needed a question answered or had a concern, we sent an email to technical support and received a response within 12 hours. The customer service was superb. The people we worked with were friendly and had a sense of urgency at all times. We were so proud of our wedding website and received so many compliments from wedding guests who heavily relied on it for details on the planned wedding activities. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose WedMeDo again andclose again. The website provided my guests with exactly what they needed in a sophisticated way. Have a look at our wedding website! Kevin & Monica

quotesI started off utilizing a free wedding website service only to have my fiance complain that it was plain and too impersonal. WedMeDo.com was the only service we found that provided structured website creation capabilities while still allowing us the freedom to customize our wedding website in a way that truly represents our style.

It was easy to figure out and use – the uploading and personalization process took a minimal amount of time.

The support desk has been very responsive and helpful when we want to customize anything in the standard template. The price was extremely affordable and well worth the money. Possibly the best thing about WedMeDo is that they let you choose your own website name – we’ve had so many hits on our site simply because the website address is easily remembered by our guests (our first names.)close

I’ve gotten several compliments from our guests, and this is one wedding decision I will never regret! Mariah & Ken

quotesUsing this website tool to create our Wedding website was fun and easy, I would recommend this website to anyone. The staff was polite and very responsive to all of our requests. The updates we requested were made without any flaw. One other characteristic that definitely sets them apart fromclose other wedding websites I tested before I found wedmedo.com is that they maintained standards of quality in all aspects of their service. Kay & Rike

quotesWedmedo has been a godsend. I had a wedding website previous to my wedmedo website and I was pretty content with it, but once I came across the sample webpage from wedmedo, I was floored. The Flash website was amazing and the applications the site offered was great. I've gotten so many compliments about the site already and it's only been up for 3 days! The wedmedo staff has been very prompt on closeanswering any questions I had concerning the website and that's one thing I can really appreciate, good customer service. With my other website I was just content, but with my wedmedo website I am genuinely Happy. Anthony & Adanna

quotesMy husband and I LOVED our wedding website! We've been married now for 7 months and are SO closehappy together! Thank you for your amazing service - it was VERY fun to create and VERY useful for our family and friends. Matt & Ky