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Green WeddingWedding Catering published April 2, 2010

There are endless possibilities when planning your wedding catering. The option you decide upon depends to a large degree on your budget and the number of guests you are planning to entertain. Sit down meals are the most traditional, but you may feel a wedding buffet would better suit your needs, and style of wedding.

As couples look for increasingly unique ways to demonstrate their personal style throughout the wedding day, more thought is being put into wedding catering, and food styling is a must to reflect the theme of the day, be it modern or traditional.

Food can provide a challenge when it comes to thinking of unusual displays, although ice sculptures are becoming popular as a backdrop to cold foods. Drink is an easier area to get creative with styling; garnishing glasses with flowers in the color of the day is one possibility. Color can also be added to champagne with liquors, putting a different spin on the traditional bucks fizz!

A popular theme for wedding catering this year is to go ethnic - great for creating a fun atmosphere. Ideas such as an Italian pasta bar, Chinese wok station or build your own taco are a few suggestions. If you want to be even more adventurous, you could look to serve different dishes from several different countries!

To create a more relaxed environment, comfort food is a good choice, but make the dishes more sophisticated to fit in with the celebrations. Who doesn’t love macaroni cheese or bangers & mash? Burgers and french fries may be a bit too informal, but how about mini sirloin hamburgers stuffed with blue cheese?

Adam Sandler gave his guests half a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts packaged with ribbons and fresh flowers!

The season, theme or color of your wedding could also form the basis of your wedding catering menu. During a Fall wedding, a hearty harvest feast featuring a roast with root vegetable medley would reflect the season. A spiced cranberry punch could add another autumnal touch!

The wedding catering style you choose can also reflect your values and beliefs. Incorporating organic food into your menu is growing in popularity in health conscious circles, although the desired effect may be somewhat tempered by all the cake and champagne!!

For the more romantic, the menu could be as simple as recreating your first meal as a couple. At the wedding of Victoria Adams and David Beckham, guests drank rose champagne, and sticky toffee pudding (the groom’s favorite dessert) was one of the top dishes at their reception!

On the dessert front, chocolate fondues are increasing in popularity this year. Not only can it have spectacular visual appeal, it also encourages guests to engage in conversation over the fondue set.

Dessert buffets, traditionally known as the Viennese table, are also beginning to feature at receptions. A chocolate theme is proving popular, with the wedding buffet featuring many types of cocoa creations.

Coordination is the key when thinking of a design for your wedding cake. Colorful cakes are a growing trend in 2007, as brides start to feature greater degrees of color in their bridal gowns. Personal styling of the wedding cake is also popular, with the introduction of monogrammed Initials or sugar flowers that match the bridal bouquet. Another trend is for an unusual shaped wedding cake, rather than the 3 tiers.

A four-tiered passion fruit wedding cake over champagne toasts added to the Hawaiian flair at the wedding of actor Matt LeBlanc and Melissa Knight, and Kevin Costner’s marriage to handbag designer Christine Baumgartner featured a quadruple layered wedding cake, half chocolate, half strawberry, which was decorated with latte colored frosting giving the appearance of antique lace.

If a wedding cake is not for you, an alternative is the cupcake tower. This is a cheaper option, but these days the creations can be spectacular. Also lots of different flavors can be used for the individual cakes.

Crucial in all aspects of wedding catering, from the food to the wedding cake, is that it reflects and helps to add to the atmosphere (and flavor) of the day. If you are having an outdoor wedding and want an informal, but romantic setting, a great idea is to give out picnic hampers to your guests, containing food, drink and a rug, encouraging them to mingle with one another. This style would definitely not work at every wedding, but may be just what you are looking for!

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