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Green WeddingColin Cowie Wedding Chic published May 19, 2010

Colin Cowie says it all - You don't have to be extravagant on your wedding to be chic. It's not necessarily how much you spend but how you spend it and it's more about the experience your guests have.

So how does one make your wedding an event to remember? Firstly and most importantly, by paying attention to what your guests experience. Chic is about the right timing, the right space and the right speed. The experience is everything. The most expensive band would be wasted if they played at the wrong time or took breaks at critical moments. You could go for a magician who mingles with guests and performs tricks with a humorous twist during the opening drinks at the reception.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to detail and make it personal to you. Personalization is very important. You could, for instance, have individual guest names at the top of their menu or have a personalized logo on the menu; name martinis after the bridesmaids; have monograms on napkins; little personalized notes in hotel rooms welcoming guests on destination weddings or small practical gifts left for guests on their pillows with the turndown service.

Colin Cowie's book called "1001 Ideas for Every Moment of Your Celebration" is a good resource for ideas on how to make your wedding chic. He shares suggestions relating to flower presentations, centerpiece designs, bar decorations, ceiling and wall decorations and lighting to mention a few. There are many other resources out there as well so if you're confused or just need some ideas get some help. Go through books and magazines and use colored Post-it notes to flag what "he" or "she" likes and doesn't like. Then hand these to a wedding planner and let them stress out about what fits best. Planning for a wedding is pretty stressful after all!

Your budget shouldn't determine how chic your wedding is. You don't have to wow your guests at every turn and minute of your wedding. Try and do 1 or 2 things and do them well – personal, memorable and paying attention to detail. Cut the coat according to the cloth and be prepared to improvise with changing circumstances and situations.

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