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Green WeddingWedding Favors published April 2, 2010

Wedding favors are a way of giving your guests a lasting memento of your special day. They are not compulsory, but a great way to thank your guests for being involved in your big day. Coloured sugared almonds are the traditional gift, but there are many other possibilities if you would prefer to give something more modern. These days, almost anything can be used. The key is for them to reflect the personality of bride and groom, and to tie in with the theme of the wedding.

For the true romantics out there, butterfly wedding favors appeal to many couples due to their symbolism of ‘change, joy and colour’. They are a powerful symbol for the transformation of moving from old to new. The butterfly ventures forth from its cocoon with excitement and delight just as newlyweds begin their new life.

To use butterflies as wedding favors, try to get a design that coordinates with the wedding colours. They could be used as sugar butterflies on chocolate fondants, design on candles or if you are going for the traditional sugared almonds, they could be used as decoration on the bag.

If you want a more unique wedding favor, personalized gifts can be a good idea as they show a couple’s style, whether this be hopeless romantic or jokesters! Any gift these days can be customized with either your names, wedding date and/or message ranging from candles, seashells or cookies to more unique ideas such as shot glasses, heart shaped measuring spoons and magnets. The list is endless, and depends on your style, theme and budget!

Personalized favors are a popular touch at celebrity weddings. Liza Minnelli and David Gest ensured their guests had something memorable to take away from their big day with gifts of candy boxes that read “Liz and David 4 ever”; whilst silver screen sensation Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban opted to generously give their guests silver Tiffany clocks engraved with the words: “A moment in time, June 25 2006 – Nicole & Keith”.

Demonstrating their fun-loving side, when actor John Stamos and Supermodel Rebecca Romjin tied the knot, they created kitschy air fresheners printed with a 70’s style photo of themselves and the words “our love will last forever” then had valets hang them in guests cars!

If you do not have a particular theme for your wedding, (and don’t fancy the idea of breaking and entering your guests automobiles!) champagne wedding favors could be considered, as they continue the underlying theme of a wedding - that of celebration! Great ideas for this could be miniature bottles of champagne for each guest, with a personalized message on the bottle, or champagne flutes, possibly engraved, which guests can use during the reception for their drink of choice, or simply take home as a memento.

For those wishing to do something in the way of wedding favors, but not necessarily choosing to give gifts in the traditional fashion, another option is to donate money to charity in the name of each guest. This is certainly a unique idea, and a great way to support a good cause that’s close to your heart, continuing to add to that personal touch for your special day.

Work out your budget for the wedding favors, divide this by the number of guests you have, and then make a donation in each guest’s name. Instead of a present at the table for each guest, place an envelope or placard explaining what you have done, and why!

Environmentally friendly couples have even been known to gift their guests a packet of seeds, or even saplings as wedding favors. What a lasting reminder of your big day an Oak Tree could be! You might however want to draw the line at turning off the dance floor lights to cut down on your carbon footprint…. An embarrassing incident involving the best man and your maiden aunt in a pitch black marquee is probably best avoided!

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding favor, is that it does not have to be an extravagant gift to be a memorable or special one. The favor is more about upholding tradition, adding a personal touch to, and being a symbol of your big day.

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