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Green WeddingWedding Flowers published April 2, 2010

An important element of any wedding; wedding flowers help create a beautiful setting for your big day. Any room, however unattractive it may appear at first visit, can be transformed with beautiful floral arrangements.  Simple but elegant is the key!

When choosing your wedding flowers there are many things to take into consideration, such as the type of flower to use (something symbolic to you as a couple or a more modern variety); where you want to have them, and an understanding of how they may best complement the size and shape of the reception area. It very much depends on where your ceremony is taking place as to how many, and what type of floral arrangements will be needed. If the ceremony and/or reception are in a large room, a large floral display would be a good idea to ensure that it stands out and fills what could otherwise become glaring open spaces.

Areas that you may want to consider the use of flowers are ceremony and reception sites, table settings, bouquets, bride & groom chairs, the wedding cake, and even swags to frame doors and windows. Much depends on where your wedding and reception is taking place, as to which of these you may choose.

The next big consideration is whether you have the budget to hire a professional floral designer, or are going to do them yourself. Flower arrangements don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to create that elegant look; often simple designs look the most stunning so don’t be afraid to tackle it yourself. Have a practise run and see how you get on!

Consider the time of year you are getting married in, as this may limit your options due to particular blooms being out of season. Also consider the fragrance, as some flowers may look beautiful but their scent may be overpowering. The last thing you want is wedding photographs of family and friends with wrinkled noses! Gardenias and peonies offer both beauty and a fine scent for bridal bouquets.

The most difficult decision will be choosing the varieties of flowers you are going to use, given the unlimited choice there is available. To narrow down the options, consider the style of your wedding, as the wedding flowers will be the key to complementing this. For those traditionalists out there, a bouquet of plain white flowers with ferns would be ideal. The more romantic amongst us could select flowers with special meanings to express their feelings, and give a romantic message. For example, orange blossom signifies purity and chastity. Grooms will probably realise their bride to be has heard too much about the bachelor party if they see poison ivy adorning their chair at top table!

With bridal bouquets, anything goes, from a single flower to an elaborate design. The single white flower is perfect for a modern, contemporary wedding and is a stunning accompaniment to a simple wedding dress. If you would prefer something more soft & romantic, why not try an all white bridal bouquet to include lily of the valley & orchids. This arrangement is also great for complementing the new trend for champagne themed weddings.

All white bridal bouquets have been popular at a number of high profile celebrity weddings. Nicole Kidman carried a bouquet of white roses and gardenias when she wed Keith Urban, and Jennifer Aniston opted for a simple bridal bouquet of vendella roses and green hydrangea, tied with a white satin ribbon when she married Brad Pitt. 

A classic bouquet of white and ivory polo roses featured at the wedding of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, whereas Debra Messing chose a bouquet of tall calla lilies.

For those of us that would prefer something to make a statement and stand out, rich saturated colours are rising in popularity. If you are going to opt for this, make sure the colours tie in with your colour scheme, or centre your colour scheme around the flowers!

A growing celebrity trend is to have your bridal bouquet inset with jewels. Tori Spelling’s bouquet of lily of the valley had antique lace wrapped around the stem and featured Swarovski crystals. 

The Victorian influence is another growing trend in the wedding industry.  To help achieve this wonderful look, romantic, soft coloured roses are ideal in floral arrangements as well making a beautiful hair accessory.

Whether you settle for an all white, or a rich deep floral display, the style for the season is very much the hand tied posy with a ‘just picked’ look, as this conveys simple elegance. These days, brides no longer want to carry anything too large or fussy (and we don’t mean their prospective mother in laws!).

Most importantly when choosing the flowers for the bridal bouquet, make sure it ties in with the bride’s personality. A classic bride will not suit carrying a bright floral display! LeAnn Rimes for example opted to carry a bouquet of roses, sweet peas, hydrangea and freesia to suit her girly nature.

When planning a wedding ceremony / reception, that is going to be held outside, flowers are still key. Flower arches or flower garlands hung from trees and used to decorate bride & groom’s chair are just a few ideas. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown exchanged vows in a romantic garden gazebo, using hundreds of roses and orchids in lavender and purple (Whitney’s favourite colours).

Floral table settings for your reception can either take the form of a single display, or several smaller displays that guests could then take with them at the end of your day. The key for these centrepieces is for them to be eye catching but not too tall or large as this will get in the way of conversation!

A growing trend for an alternative centrepiece is to use fruit either on their own or tucked into flowers. If your reception is in a barn, citrus & orchard fruits would help set the scene. Spray the fruit silver to fit in with a winter wedding.

The use of fresh flowers on your wedding cake is another popular idea. They can turn a simple cake into an elegant masterpiece! If you are worried about fresh flowers lasting, consider having the wedding flowers made out of sugar. Just make sure that you keep any small children away from any floral confectionary unless you want a dance floor full of body-popping toddlers at midnight!

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