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Green WeddingWedding Gift Registry published April 2, 2010

With more couples getting married much later in life, wedding gift registries are now being used to reflect the interests and lifestyles of the engaged couple. More often than not, couples are merging two households together, and are no longer in need of the more traditional items that used to appear in gift registries. Nowadays, they will often focus on more casual, and often fun items to lighten the atmosphere (and the guests financial load!) as planning a wedding can often be a stressful time.

Traditional items such as china and crystal are still popular, but these days couples are looking for more fashionable and modern products to fit with contemporary tastes. Fashion designers have now taken their catwalk designs from clothes to tableware, which are proving a great success. Colorful kitchen appliances and everyday dinnerware are often used to give the kitchen that modern look. Red or orange metal appliances with chrome highlights are also latter day winners.

Fashion designers have also branched out into luxurious bedding, to help create a touch of elegance as well as pure comfort. Use the gift registry as your wish list; often for items you may not ordinarily purchase yourself.

There is also a trend for couples to use a theme other than household goods. Popular choices are sporting and outdoors, DIY hardware and electronics. This type of registry would be a good idea if you feel strongly that these products would be more useful. Guests would generally rather give something you really need, as opposed to yet another decanter!

However, if you are planning to have a non-traditional gift registry, it may be advisable to also have a more traditional list, as there may be guests who would feel uncomfortable not purchasing a classic wedding gift. This may also be required to offer choices at a variety of prices, as a friend of the family will not necessarily have the same budget for a wedding present, as members of the immediate family.

Growing in popularity, although some people may find this idea impersonal, is a request for money rather than gifts. A helping hand towards a mortgage, or even honeymoon, may be of more use than household essentials. Guests could always attach the money to a decorative item, such as a picture frame or candlestick, incorporating a more classic gift.

A very new idea is to register at a museum for your gifts, for items such as artwork and books. This is very unusual and not very common, but certainly a possibility if this is an area of interest to the couple, and your guest list has the sort of budget to make this a realistic proposition.

Some people may find they would rather not request material gifts, and would prefer donations to their favorite charity. It is also possible to combine gifts and charity donations, as some organizations will donate a percentage of the gift purchase price to a chosen charity. When singer Christina Aguilera married music executive Jordan Bratman, their wedding cost a staggering two million dollars. Perhaps with this in mind, Christina asked her guests not to bring wedding gifts, but make donations to charities instead!

So if you are struggling coming up with a gift registry featuring just household items, why not look to do a combination of any of the above ideas. This will offer more choice to your guests, who will know they are purchasing a gift that reflects you as a couple.

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