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Green WeddingWedding Music published April 2, 2010

Your wedding music is the key to creating the right atmosphere on your wedding day. It needs to complement your wedding ceremony, whether that be traditional and classic with Wagner’s Bridal Chorus, or a more contemporary love song which is more personal to the taste of Bride and Groom.

The wedding music is also important for setting the mood of your wedding reception. It should give the impression of joy and celebration with a light-hearted, fun tone. It’s probably best to save the Thrash Metal and Gangsta Rap for the honeymoon if you are a die-hard fan of either genre!!

Live music tends to be chosen for wedding day celebrations, creating an air of excitement with the sound of real instruments and/or live singers. A string quartet would be perfect to add elegance to the wedding ceremony.

Jazz is a popular trend for cocktail hour along with elegant piano music and mariachi bands, creating an air of sophistication whilst being unobtrusive; perfect for getting those toes tapping, and entering into the spirit for the evening’s festivities!

Increasing in popularity are themed receptions, and perfect for complementing this is a specific type of band. A swing band is perfect for a 1930’s wedding or an orchestra for a fairytale wedding. A casual tropical theme could be perfectly accompanied by a steel drum band. There may not be a particular theme to the day, other than one of celebration, but a popular music theme is flashback to the couple’s era, such as motown, 70’s, and 80’s. Who can resist a twirl on the dance floor to the strains of Abba’s Dancing Queen!?

Big band and salsa was the music of choice at the reception of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, whilst Vivaldi’s Four Seasons set the scene of sophistication during the actual ceremony.

A variety of wedding music entertained the guests of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, ranging from a gospel choir to rock and roll.

Overall, Jazz, swing and ballroom dance are making a big comeback, continuing the trend towards elegance, and anything gimmicky such as light shows and fog machines are taking a back seat. With this type of wedding music becoming popular, lessons in ballroom dancing are on the increase with Brides and Grooms so they can show off on their big night!

Also popular are multiple bands combining American with an authentic ethnic dance such as Latin/salsa or Portuguese. There is nothing like the sound of a full orchestra to get people in the mood for dancing.
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