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Green WeddingWedding Planning Tools published April 2, 2010

From the moment that you announce your engagement, there invariably follows a frenzy of activity to plan your big day! Whether you are having a long or short engagement, timescales really need to be set to ensure the smooth operation of your wedding plans.

Wedding venues for example get booked well in advance, so to avoid disappointment it is best to get the location decided early on.

There is a great deal to plan, from the guest list, color and theme of your wedding to the flowers and décor, photography, gift list and wedding favors, to name but a few. Therefore setting timelines for completing each task will aid you in organizing everything properly. Most importantly, before any details are agreed, decide on a budget that is realistic for you.

With the proliferation of data on the Internet, there is so much information available to you at the click of a button and loads of wedding planning tools! Discussion forums are worth checking out, as there is bound to be someone who can offer help and advice if you are struggling in a particular area. Also wedding exhibitions are useful. They are a great day out, and provide the chance to meet many local wedding suppliers under one roof.

There are also wedding planning websites that can actually assist with the planning and organization of your dream wedding, using professional wedding planning tools to replace endless lists on pieces of scrap paper! Event planning, guest management, seating plans and invitation trackers are just a few of the areas such an organization can help with. This is ideal if you are finding the planning becoming more of a chore than expected.

Romantic and fun are the key words when selecting a theme, with beach parties, butterflies or fairytales just a few ideas. Having decided on a particular theme for your wedding day that you feel passionately about and want to create, but are not too sure where to start, you could consider engaging a professional wedding coordinator to help implement your vision.

These saviors of many a potential wedding disaster can be hired to assist in simple searches through to a full planning and consultation service. Despite the impression that their services do not generally come cheap, it may in fact make sound financial sense to hire a wedding planner, as you could benefit from their supplier relationships. However, don’t feel that it is imperative to hire a planner to ensure a successful day, as the majority of weddings that pass off without a hitch are still organized by the Bride, Groom, family and friends.

If you want something very simple, without having to worry about planning at all, why not follow in the footsteps of Julia Roberts. She invited friends to a July fourth party on her ranch, and then surprised them all by actually getting married at nightfall on July 3rd!

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