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Winter Wedding WonderlandWinter Wedding Wonderland

published December 6th, 2013

As the holiday season approaches many unsuspecting girlfriends and boyfriends could very well receive a Christmas gift they will never forget. That being something they can wear on their finger and four words that will warm their soul... “Will you marry me?”

Unless of course they decline the proposal, and that’ll be up there with one of the most awkward moments of their life.

Let’s just say they accepted the invitation, and after days of jubilations, celebrations and festivities it was time to start planning for the big day.

Many couples who get engaged at Christmas may also wish to stage a festive wedding the following year (unless of course the person proposing was so confident of receiving a “YES” that they’d already set up the nuptials for the same year). They may do this as it reflects the proposal, or simply because they’d like a “winter wonderland” theme for the wedding. Let’s face it, not every couple chooses a summer wedding. There’s many benefits of having a winter wedding, and here we list just a few of them...

Cost and Availability

Getting married is like having double glazing installed. Most people like to do it in the warmer weather. However, the problem with that is it’s much more expensive and venues are harder to come by as they’re more in-demand. Picking a winter date will ensure far less competition for venues - and save you money.

The Outfit

Forget the average wedding dress. You’ll need to cover up for a winter wedding so how about a romantic velvet cloak or a fake fur wrap. You’ll be radiating with style.

The Scenery

You want good weather for the photos, but weather can be unpredictable. By staging a winter photo shoot you’ll be prepared for the elements - and just think how stunning a snowy backdrop would look!

The Photographer

Going back to point one, not only will venues be easier to come by - so will the wedding photographers. You’re far more likely to book your first choice photographer if you pick a time of year when there is less demand for their services.

Finally, it’s different. You may not wish to wed in December, and choosing January of February will give your guests something to look forward to. After Christmas many people just want to go into hibernation until the spring - so a good wedding to cheer (and warm) everyone up could be ideal.